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I have created some cuix files that i want to load automatically when a user boots autocad. for this i have created a acad.lsp file in one of my search/support directories with the following code and therefore when i start cad it loads the menu file.

^C^C^P(command "menuunload" "CUSTOMMENU" "_.menuload" "CUSTOMMENU.cuix")


Great apart from it doesnt appear. The command line reads: "Customization file loaded successfully. Customization Group: CUSTOMMENU" so its loaded and if i go to either cuiload or QUICKCUI i can see it and edit /unload it. The only ways i can get it to appear are by unloading it and reloading it using cuiload in which case it works fine until i reboot autocad as my script unloads it. or by changing my workspace to 2d and them back to classic and it appears.

My perfect solution would be that my script runs everytime autocad launches so that any updates made to the cuix file automatically update in autocad without having to lunload and load.


Thanks in advance for any help here and happy new year to all!



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What we do is add a startup switch (/b) to our desktop icons, which loads a script.


The script (located on the user's personal network space) force-loads a custom workspace, which can be user defined, but is defaulted to our enterprise standard workspace. All of our CUI's are loaded as partial to the Enterprise CUI (a copy of ACAD.cui), and the main CUI is used for customizations.


Hope this helps!

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You can unload an load the whole .cuix file


(command "cuiunload" "YOURFILE" ^C "cuiload" "X:/XXX/XX/yourfile.cuix" ^C)


I use it and it works.. unfortunately it does this for every drawing you open adding a few seconds to each open. But it works automatically.


And the lisp must either be a part of another cuix or a part of the automatic loading lisps.


Since I am using this over a network drive it was easier for me to make a Startup cuix and call in the custom cuix with this lisp.


This also gives you freedom to experiment. Make the startup lisp enterprise and use that one for overrides and the other one for experimenting without overriding.

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