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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Someone can help with the following: In a job I have different multiline styles. Using a routine will it be possible to toggle current style just picking on one of these multilines? Thanks Aalmeidah
  2. hi I open lots of drawing that comes from different authors and their units setting varied, every time I need to open units dialog box and set it to the way I prefer. I want to write it in an SCR or DIESEL script and load it automatically with each drawing. what is the best method to write it and to load it with each drawing that I open? THanks
  3. Good morning, I've created quite a number of tool palettes, including nine palette groups, and everything has been working great. Now, of a sudden, I can't drag and drop any type of entity into an new, empty palette. I can still load whatever I want into an existing one, but nothing into a new one. I've created the palette both through the palette itself and through the adcenter, but nothing works. Anyone have thoughts? Thanks, Tom
  4. We have been working with ACAD 2014 for some time now and have never had any issues what so ever. Management upgraded everyone from 2GB RAM to 8GB RAM and now all of a sudden when when do CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+V to paste, it takes that objects (i.e. text, block, line, arrow) forever to regenerate. It literally redraws it before my eyes in the slowest fashion POSSIBLE! LOL All we did was upgrade the RAM and I went right back to work. Please help!? Any and ALL suggestions would help, this stinks!!
  5. hi.. need help on creating lsp that can: > load & unload *.arx file which is located on specified folder! example; ``````` [size=2](defun c:arxload()[/size] [size=2](command "load" "[/size][size=2]c:\documents & settings\user\addons\mditab17.arx[/size][size=2]")(princ))[/size] [size=2](defun c:arxunload()[/size] [size=2](command "unload" "[/size][size=2]c:\documents & settings\user\addons\mditab17.arx[/size][size=2]")(princ))[/size] thanks
  6. Maybe it is better to ask the question in this manner: What is the best way to manage the LISP codes and know when to load which code from which address. Maybe it is not wise to load all codes at ACAD startup as it is related to loading, I can assume it consumes bits and bytes and make the program fat which is not good. But my problem is that: When number of codes are handful, there is no problem remembering the name and what they do, but when they increase it is hard to know which LISP is necessary and in which folder I should look for it? How the you guys manage your LISP codes?
  7. Had some fun with a recent sub, resulted in these two programs Autoloader This program will generate autoload expressions for all LISP files in a selected directory, proceeding to write such expressions to a text file output (from which the user may copy the contents to an ACADDOC.lsp or destination of their choice). GetSyntax A fun one - sparked from this thread, involving a question regarding how to determine the command to use to call a program when there is no indication in the code header and no loading messages indicating such information. This program will read a selected LISP file and print a report detailing the command syntax for all defined commands in the selected file. Both programs use my GetSyntax sub, which reads a supplied LISP file and returns a list of defined commands within the supplied file. Enjoy! Lee
  8. Hi I have created some cuix files that i want to load automatically when a user boots autocad. for this i have created a acad.lsp file in one of my search/support directories with the following code and therefore when i start cad it loads the menu file. ^C^C^P(command "menuunload" "CUSTOMMENU" "_.menuload" "CUSTOMMENU.cuix") Great apart from it doesnt appear. The command line reads: "Customization file loaded successfully. Customization Group: CUSTOMMENU" so its loaded and if i go to either cuiload or QUICKCUI i can see it and edit /unload it. The only ways i can get it to appear are by unloading it and reloading it using cuiload in which case it works fine until i reboot autocad as my script unloads it. or by changing my workspace to 2d and them back to classic and it appears. My perfect solution would be that my script runs everytime autocad launches so that any updates made to the cuix file automatically update in autocad without having to lunload and load. Thanks in advance for any help here and happy new year to all! Ben
  9. Afternoon. I've got a little problem trying to make a menu command to load a partial customisation file. I've created ths macro: ^C^C_filedia;0;menuload;N:/CAD/2D/blahblahblah.cuix;filedia;1; ...which seems to run fine and loads the CUI, but the popdown menu defined herein will not display on the menubar. I've also tried the same thing in LiSP: (command "filedia" "0" "menuload" "N:/CAD/2D/blahblahblah.cuix" "filedia" "1") ...but with the same result. When typing the commands in manually one-by-one it displays fine. It's just when I try to automate it it fails. Does anybody have any bright ideas how to fix this ? Cheers. Rob.
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