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Civil 3d Pipe Network Capabilitys


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Does civil 3d 2011 have the capacity to model a pipe network that consists of flexible pipe such as HDPE? I am doing a plan for a force main sewer system that uses 2",3" and 4" HDPE pipe and the only way I have been able to represent it in my profile view is by using straight pipe segments. I want to show a vertical curved pipe as it would be installed in the field. What am I missing here?

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Civil 3d doesnt have the capability to draw vertical curved pipes, the only way u can do that is to split it in short straight segments and gradually change grade for each segment to make it look like its a vertical curve. I havent tried for myself but there may be a chance that u can manage that by doing a vertically curved alignment by adjusting the curve in a profile and then create a feature line from this alignement. Then u give the feature line PI:s with about 1 m distance and create your pipe from this result.


But im just guessing. Hope someone else can give som clarity to this!

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