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Found 17 results

  1. Can anyone Help me to write a lisp me an AUTOCAD LISP; Command is EE0 Pick Line 1 pick line 2 pick line 3 pick line 4 find the distance from line1 to line 2 SET VALUE D1 Find the distance from line 3 to line 4 SET VALUE D2 fillet line2 WITH line 3 FILLET RADIUS 0.25 * D2 fillet line1 WITH line 4 FILLET RADIUS 1.25 * D1 DRAW POLYLINE CONNECT WITH FILLET EDGE 1 WITH 2 DRAW POLYLINE CONNECT WITH FILLET EDGE 3 WITH 4 I found a few lisps online, But not fulfilling this particular requirement many thanks !!
  2. DonovanPorter

    Pipe Scheduling

    Good Morning. I have been working on setting up a pipe schedule for my current project. Prior to Revit i was using AutoCAD for piping and scheduling which was very tedious. However the pipe schedule format is prefered by our suppliers/contractors and clients and we want to keep the format. i have attached a image for reference (Labeled Example). The AutoCAD schedule was done manually. I have created a relatively automated Revit Schedule, but it needs more refinement and i do not know how to proceed. i have added screen shots to show the schedule i have created. I have used a Tag family to tag the pipe fittings according to my sequence. (This is fine) The comments (description) i have to manually type. (I would like this Automated including the length of the pipe/angle of the elbow/distance the puddle flange is from the flange etc taken from the fitting) The image is a screen shot which is added as a image (this is not ideal , i would like an image that can be dimensioned as in the AutoCAD schedule or as in a window or door legend.) The count is calculated by the number of pipes that have the same tag (This is fine) so this is my goal, and i feel that it should be doable, i just do not know how to go about making it happen. any advice, tips tricks or guidance would be really appreciated
  3. tzframpton

    Pipe and the Display Manager

    Posted this at the Swamp too, hopefully something comes up. I'm having a bit of an issue trying to dig through the Display Manager to get the proper visual outcome for my Plan View mechanical piping. I simply started a QNEW drawing template defaulted from ACAD MEP. Using the MEP Design Display Configuration, any pipe that is 10" and larger shows up double line. When pipe is crossing over other pipe, it shows the hidden lines like you would expect, gives proper visual look of flanges, valves, etcetera. But in this Display Configuration any pipe 8" and smaller it shows single line, it has a symbolic "X" for flanges, etcetera. The only way to get everything to have a proper visual look of any size pipe, MvPart, or connection fitting is to change the Display Configuration to MEP Basic 2-line. In doing this, I lose the hidden line feature, so it looks very wireframe and can get messy in certain drawing situations. I have been digging and trying countless combinations in the Display Manager and I cannot figure out for the life of me what setting I need to adjust so that I can get (1) all sizes to show double line, (2) all MvParts and connection fittings to show properly, and (3) still have the hidden line feature functioning properly to provide accurate plan view visual information for the drawing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :wink: PS: Using AutoCAD MEP 2011.
  4. Greetings. I would like to know if anyone has used iLogic to program piping? I am having an issue where I logic will not run because I have a new dimension randomly popping up when I run the rule. I am adjusting the pipe length on an assembly and iLogic does that nicely. However, there are two 90 degree bends(copper pipe) that work fine until I adjust the size. After I adjust the size a random angle dimension occurs and the pipe will not regenerate itself. I have to manually regenerate the path. Second issue, when I try to place an iLogic part in an assemble, Inventor informs me that I cannot place a part with tube and pipe. Really?? Is that normal??
  5. bengee54

    Trimming pipes

    hi, I've got a small problem; on the attached jpeg you will see a housing (shown in black) and a pipe inserted from underneath. how can i trim the material (of the inserted pipe) so that its flush with the hole in the bottom of the housing i.e. so nono is visible when looking through the housing)? somebody please help! Thanks Ben
  6. I'm Labeling flow information of a pipe (RCB to be specific, but I'll use pipe), and almost at random parts of the expression disappear leaving me with an error for the labels and having to go through the tedious process of fixing the expressions. This happens with several expressions but the same information is missing. So for example: HYDRAULIC RADIUS RCB: (AREA_OF_PIPE_RCB)/(2*{Inner Pipe Height}+2*{Inner Pipe Width}) Becomes (AREA_OF_PIPE_RCB)/(2*+2*) It always seems to be losing the information related with the pipe's property. While it does it this when I restart AutoCad it doesn't do it everytime, I cant find to seem to find any pattern to when it does it. I'm new here, I did a quick search and didn't find anything, I asked a few of the veterans in my office and they haven't seen anything like this, so hence I'm posting here. I appreciate everyone's time.
  7. sandiegophil

    Pipe radius in table

    Hello all, I would like to be able to have my pipe table generated so that if there is not a radius it would display a " - " in the cell of the table as opposed to a 0.00' radius. Has anyone found a way? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  8. sandiegophil

    Pipe network in 3d view

    Hello, I am giving a presentation of a rather extensive pipe network I created. It doesn't seem to matter if I walk, fly, drive through or orbit the model, all pipe to pipe connections look like two paper towel tubes stuck together at the center. The plan view is fine, with bends and such but not in 3d. Any help or suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Regards, Phil
  9. sandiegophil

    Pipe grips in profile view

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to grip edit pipes in profile view. I can get the invert and crown grips to work fine but I need to find a way to grip the outside top of the pipe. I have a lot of pothole data and an offset profile clutters up the profile view. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  10. sandiegophil

    Pipe network creation shortcut

    Hello, I am short on time and looking for a fast fix. I have the following situation: 100+ pipe network All alignments are in place and named correctly and styles applied 80% of the pipes are the same size and type Does anyone know a way to make a pipe for each alignment named the same as the alignment and all in a single pipe network? Ideally selecting all the alignments at one time and have the pipe style applied. I know the answer is probably 'tough beans' but I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks, Phil
  11. I am new in 3d, and i would like to know how to draw this pipe as shown in this picture below. Kindly teach me to draw a 3d pipe with horizontal curve and vertical curve elements combined. Here are the design elements : for the horizontal curve for the vertical curve radius=30.798m radius=18.000m angle=29deg angle=60deg The diameter of pipe that i am trying to draw is 5 meters. Thanks in advance.
  12. CyberAngel

    Pipe styles for interference?

    When I draw two pipes that interfere, I want different styles on the profile, which I've been able to do for a while. I also want a style on the plan that will let me indicate the crossing. The classic indicator is a semicircular break in one pipe. So far I haven't found anything that lets me do that with a pipe object. Anyone know about such a style feature?
  13. BMCD31

    Water Main Pipe Network

    Is it possible to create a pvc water main pipe network in Civil3D 2012? Are there any pipes/parts that I can download from somewhere for this? Thank you.
  14. Grover121

    4" Tee pipe problem

    Hello, I'm currently taking a Basic AutoCad class at school. I just got assigned a group project where everyone draws an assigned 2D wblock and when the class is finished we're going to piece the wblocks together to make one large drawing. I know how to make the wblock but my problem is I don't understand these dimensions or how to use them to make my drawing in AutoCad and was hoping I could get some help here. I am assigned to draw a 4" Tee pipe (2D) and I have a sheet of poorly scanned paper with a table giving me the Nominal Pipe Size, Outside Diameter, Center to End of Run, Center to End of (I think it says Branch? it's very poorly scanned so it has a smudge over the letter next to the "B" so it looks like B?anch). I really have no idea on how to go about this and it is due tomorrow night at the end of class. Under the Nominal Pipe Size category the dimensions that pertain to 4 are: Outside Diameter: 4.500 Center to End of Run: 4 1/8 Center to End of B?anch: 4 1/8 If I recall correctly our teacher told us to round off the numbers to 4 which doesn't make any sense at all to me. Any help at all is appreciated.
  15. Does civil 3d 2011 have the capacity to model a pipe network that consists of flexible pipe such as HDPE? I am doing a plan for a force main sewer system that uses 2",3" and 4" HDPE pipe and the only way I have been able to represent it in my profile view is by using straight pipe segments. I want to show a vertical curved pipe as it would be installed in the field. What am I missing here?
  16. Hello all, I want to put a text about the polyline. Now I do the steps listed below. 1. polyline with Len2Fld.lsp read. 2. edit text for the street, material and diameter. 3. text-align with DTCurveV2 9.lsp. (Thank you very much Mr. Lee McDonnell.) It is a procedure if a large enough clusters with 50,000 inhabitants. The above-mentioned wish to edit in a single pass. -polyline-read length, choose the material and diameter (from a list) and finally to have an open field where you enter the street name or other (can be 2 to 3 fields to fill). Attach to a water network example I apologize for my English. I'm use Acad2008. Best Regards. Sample Water Network 3.dwg
  17. Hi again guys I am putting together a CAD block library for the water team here and have been given some catalogues of the dimensions. is it possible to make a dynamic block that changes in size, but is also a 3d model? besides inventor? cheers Marcus also how could i link a table from a catalogue to my dynamic block for 2D and / or 3D
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