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AutoCad 2002 Display Issue

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I'm running AutoCad 2002 with an Nvidia Quadro FX 570 graphics card. I'm having issues with moving and scaling. When I attempt to move or scale certain geometry, parts of the graphics seem to update because I see flashes in a counterclockwise direction of sections of geometry that disappear again. The file I'm working with is very small in comparison to some of the other files I commonly work on. Other geometry in the file will display correctly during translation and scaling. The geometry I'm working on is not a block. I've tried regen and I've toggled different graphics options in the menus to see if that made a difference.


Any ideas why this particular small section of geometry will not display for correct placement?


Thanks in advance!

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Just this one drawing is exhibiting this unusual behavior right?


Did you try an Audit or Recover on the drawing? Maybe there are some errors you are unaware of with the file itself.


Is this a 2D or 3D drawing?

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Figured it out. It was overlapping geometry. For some reason the file I imported from has the Geometry overlaid on itself. Almost like someone copied it intending to move it but didn't. Strange that it makes it not show up when trying to Move, Scale, or Rotate.


Thanks for the help!

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