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Found 24 results

  1. I have a great request. I need to scale some polyline contours from ground to grid coordinates. Using the scale comand this works, but the Z value is scaled as well. The thing is, I want to scale the X and Y only, not the Z. So far the only way to do this is to create a block, scale it, then explode. This takes a lot of time that to me seems unnecessary. So this is what I was thinking for a lisp routine that can do what I need. Select a polyline (contours) Scale the polyine to some factor. Reset the Z value to the orginal value before scaling. I hope this makes sense. Haha. Anyone willing to tackle this?
  2. Hi I am trying to insert a raster image (aerial photo from google maps) in an existing topo map in .dwg format (am using autocad 2019 architecture) I use the usual procedure: https://www.cadtutor.net/tutorials/autocad/scaling-images.php The image gets scaled but can't see any longer the existing object (the pre-existing topo map on which this raster I wanted to scale to) Zoom extents only shows the scaled image. What may be happening? or what command should I use in order for the two images to be seen at the same time and be overlapped (initial intention)? Please have a look at the attached file after the insertion and scaling of the raster. Any help appreciated 4442-FINCA TORRADES AVINYO-autocad-arch.dwg
  3. In model space. I have an architectural drawing with limits of 88',68'. I know the DSF is 96 and yes I know the scale is 1/8" - 1'. BUT how do you figure out that its 1/8" -1' only knowing the DSF and limits?
  4. HELP!! I need to change Titleblock size in PS from a scale of 48 down to 1. I will spare the details but I have switched to using Annotative objects/blocks.. My issue is the Viewports. I want to just select my layout(S) in paperspace with TB and scale by 1/48; but the Viewports lose their display. Is there any way to maintain the view when shrinking/scaling the viewport. ?! I am not referring to the scale, but the size. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  5. I am new to AutoCad and am currently running AutoCad LT 2015. The current and major issue I keep running into is learning how to scale my drawings to a readable format to print. I am creating drawings of petroleum tanks and gas station layouts at the moment. My current drawing, I have two 24' x 24' fuel islands and they are separated by 105' of space. The issue I am having is once I complete the drawing all of my annotation dimensions are incredibly tiny and unreadable. As well as the text I am using to label specific parts of the drawing. I somewhat know how to get around the text portion, by making the text very large. This isn't a great system as the drawing pieces are small and the text is huge. I'm sure I am just doing something wrong and don't completely understand the scaling. I am drawing in a 1:1 scale at the moment. Can someone shed some more light on this for me? I am willing to provide whatever is needed to better explain my situation or provide more information. Thank you in advance for your help on this issue, it means a lot.
  6. You must bear with me as I'm pretty much self taught on CAD. One thing which I've never understood is the scaling of linetypes and in my new job I have to use it lots. I draw highways, so the linetypes have to be accurate. My model space is always 1:1, but when I'm plotting at say 1:500 or 1:250, the length of the lines mess up. I've solved this by changing the linetype scale to 2 for 1:500 and 4 for 1:250. I have to do this for every individual line though and I'm not even sure if it's the correct method. Can anybody advise?
  7. I am trying to scale a drawing to make it a 10 to 1 scale for X to Y. I have read people's posts about making it a block then changing the scale, but I am lost. I have made the object a block but can't find out how to change the scale or explode the block again. Any help is great!
  8. Hello, So, here's the scoop: I'm drafting a property survey, obviously beginning in 1:1 scale. Now, this has to fit on a predefined viewport which rests on an 11 x 17 sheet. The only way I can get it to fit is by scaling the drawing to 1:30 or 1:20 scale within model space. Any clues as to how this can be done? A million thanks in advance! Cheers!
  9. jasonmc

    Profile Vertical Scaling

    Hello, I'm having issues with the vertical scaling when I create a profile from an alignment. The horizontal scale is correct but the vertical comes out 1:10. I've adjusted the vertical exaggeration to 1:1 but it doesn't change the drawing even though it saves the changes. I've regenerated the drawing and nothing changes. Does anyone have a solution for this??
  10. Steve Bigfish

    Blocks scaling

    I use blocks all the time and have them on pallets , ones I have created and ones from many others. I have just found that they all now add a 33 scale , I have looked into creating new ones and ticking the allow explode seams to work . How do I edit all the existing ones? I have tried in properties and it wont save ANY IDEAS
  11. I received the drawing from the vendor, in model space, it said "Scale: 1/4"=1'-0" on the bottom that drawing, What does that mean? what confused me is that when i went to verify the dims on site, the distance of the 2 frame work Legs is 72" which is exactly match with the drawing. but the drawing on CAD said 1/4"=1'-0" on model space, will i still need to scale the drawing up 1 to 1 (true size)? Why put the scale on model space? I like to draw everything in true size and if need i use scale i want in paperspace. Any suggestion is appreciated
  12. grain

    Scaling Problems with Layout

    Using the Page Setup Manager I set a page size of A1 landscape. When I scale my model in Model space to 1:20 (a small bathroom drawn metric 2m wide) it appears about 4 times too big. What could I be doing wrong. The units in model space is metric. It was initially working but somehow I must have reset something. Any thoughts really appreciated.
  13. Hi all! Having a bit of trouble with something I thought would be basic in CAD! I'm going to do some freelance visualisation work and the architects have supplied me with plans (PDF and DWG), some elevations are at a scale 1:200@A1 others are 1:100/1:75/1:50 etc. How do I convert or scale these drawings back to true size 1:1 so I can take the splines over to 3DS Max to speedup my workflow? Am I missing something simple here? I tried selecting and scaling up by x50/x75/x100 etc but nothing matches up with the dimensions given! Fairly advanced with the workflows of Max and Maya as an animation graduate but new to AutoCAD! Any help would be immensely appreciated!!! Kind regards, Andy
  14. I have a drawing I want to plot to 1/8" Scale. I'm drawing at 1:1 scale and When zooming in to draw my line weights look accurate, however when I zoom out to view my whole drawing lines are to thick/blotchy and shapes are distorted. I've played with plot styles, dimension styles and my line weights ... nothing seems to solve this. I believe it has something to do with the size of my drawing. I attached a drawing. If anyone can take a look at it and offer some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks forumhelp.dwg
  15. I inserted our company logo and placed It properly in our title block. But when I zoom in with the mouse wheel the logo gets smaller in the border. When I zoom out it increases bigger than the border. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... I hope I am just missing a small option..
  16. I have a drawing that has a scale of 1:100. I need to convert the drawing into feet and inches for remodeling use. How do I determine what the conversion factor is?
  17. I'm a newbie to AutoCad, I'm currently using Autocad 2012, does anyone know how I can scale a text in viewport whose drawing was referenced in the model view. Please any help will be appreciated. fyi the referenced drawing is a survey drawing. Thanks to all in advance
  18. I usually draw in model space 1:1 and then scale my drawing in paper space to fit my sheet, but when I'm scaling I also scale my text. Is there a way to keep my text at 1/8 even after scaling my drawing from model space? thanks
  19. I am having trouble scaling my drawing between model space and paper space. I have it drawn in model space at 1:1, and I set the viewport scale in paperspace to 1:15. However, it does not show up as 1:15. I have drawn a 50' line in model space. The viewport is 4" wide in paperspace, so you should be able to see the whole line in the viewport at a 1:15 scale, with some space on each side. However, it does not. I can only see a small fraction of the line. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  20. Hello newbie here, So my project is to design a sewer from elevation points we surveyed out in the field. So far I have created a polyline which represents the surface we surveyed. Our instructor gave us a template with a profile grid on the bottom half. I have place this polyline inside the grid but I am having trouble scaling this to the correct vertical and horizontal scales. I have made the polyline into a block. I know I can adjust the X and Y scaling of the block under properties--> geometry but I am confused about how to set these values correctly. I need a vertical scale of 1"=2' and a horizontal scale of 1"=20', I am just confused about what I should enter into the X and Y scale factors to give me the correct scaling. Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi, Most of my design work requires me to xRef an existing title block to my paperspace and vport my drawing into my titleblock in paperspace. However, when I attach my titleblock using xRef into my paperspace, the scaling went totally out. Mostly my block comes out way bigger than it is suppose to. The problem is that I have set my designs and block to function in milimeters, so basically it should scale down to the same scale right? And also, it's quite troublesome to keep going back to my titleblock dwg to edit/save and reload it back in my design. Is there anyway to explode the xRef titleblock? Every time I tried they keep saying its an external reference. Is there any way to go around this so I can edit it without going back and forth? Many thanks in advance!
  22. I'm running AutoCad 2002 with an Nvidia Quadro FX 570 graphics card. I'm having issues with moving and scaling. When I attempt to move or scale certain geometry, parts of the graphics seem to update because I see flashes in a counterclockwise direction of sections of geometry that disappear again. The file I'm working with is very small in comparison to some of the other files I commonly work on. Other geometry in the file will display correctly during translation and scaling. The geometry I'm working on is not a block. I've tried regen and I've toggled different graphics options in the menus to see if that made a difference. Any ideas why this particular small section of geometry will not display for correct placement? Thanks in advance!
  23. Matthew Mortimer

    X Y scaling within dynamic blocks

    Hey All I currently have a block that is stretchable in the X and Y direction seprately. I now want to place an item in this block that stretches along with these tabs, however a stretch does not appear to work due to the shape of the objects. It required a scale linked to the X and the Y stretch grips but when i do this the item scales in both directions instead of just one. Anyone have an ideas?
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