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Civil 3d 2009: Combining two different boundaries that do not connect. For acreage.


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i have one peice of property with an 50' easement going through the middle. I want to combine the two halves to make one property. But i want to omit the 50' easement. I also vaguely remember learning about some sort of text that is annotative and is only visible in certain views. I have an overall view that is 1"=1000' and the other views are 1"=100'. Its very similar to having two sets of text on different layers and different sizes (and just freezing out one or the other in the viewport.) but it is all done with a certain kind of text. Any thoughts?

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Be careful... By definition, an easement has to cross one piece of property and benefit someone other than the owner of that property. So your lot is ALREADY a single lot, with a single owner responsible for the entirety of the lot, including that 50-foot easement.


But to answer your question, first, create your Parcels. You'll have three, one for the easement parcel, and one for each portion of your lot.


Go to Parcels- > Edit Parcels -> Edit Parcel Segments...


Select one of your lot lines, and the Parcel Layout Tools toolbar should appear. In the toolbar, select "Parcel Union", then select the the two lots you want to join.


Civil 3D labels do not utilize Annotative Text; they're their own beast. So the only way to show labels on one scale and not the other is to VPFREEZE the layer that contains the labels inside your paperspace viewport.

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thanks that is helpful. when combining these parcels. i want to copy the parcel label to show in about four more viewports. i'm not sure how to do this without just picking another layer and cretaing seperate text. thanks sinc. parcel union is a nice tool.

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You can create additional labels on different layers by using a General Note label with a Reference component that links to your Parcel. These labels will remain dynamic, just like the primary Parcel Area Label.

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