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Publish not working in sheet set manager

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Hi all :)

I have this reoccurring issue with ACAD.

It appears randomly and whenever we upgrade to newer versions of ACAD also. Now that we are upgrading to 2012 it has reared its ugly head again.

Heres the issue; when I go to publish a set of drawings from sheet set manager it refuses to do so. It does not even show my page setups. So to get around this i will plot the drawings individually or create a DWF and plot them that way. Another way is to delete all the sheets within the sheet set and add them all again which fixes it, but its time consuming and quiet annoying having to do this all the time.

Anyone come across this issue themselves and what can be done to stop it??



p.s - I am currently working on 2011 but will be upgrading to 2012 asap, would like to solve this first though.

Any help appreciated :)

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Maybe go the the properties for that sheetset, find the pagesetup overrides file and update that to an existing folder location?

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There's a break in the cycle somewhere. Track down the name of the Plotter/PC3 file, the folder locations, Support Paths, and any Templates that could be involved.

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Yeah, it keeps loosing the link to the sheet set template location and I have no idea how or why. My boss is baffled by this, im baffled and IT are completely clueless cause its a CAD issue.:roll:

I'm still repathing & trying to figure it out.:geek: may be here a while.

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