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Trouble with (lots of) blocks


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Hi everyone.

I'm escentially an absolute newbie on AutoCAD, and I've been assigned to edit a cad file about some buildings (changing all the lines, blocks, and stuff to color 8!)

The issue is that the model itself is all about blocks. The first block is, well, everything; inside it are like 15+ more blocks, and so on and on.

So the question is... how can I change de color of all the objects, like real quick, without having to edit every object on the Block Editor!!


Thanks in advance, and sorry any mistake (being this my first post in this forum, and also, not being english my native tongue)


Oh... btw, I'm working on AutoCAD 2011 LT

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It depends on how the blocks were created.


If the blocks were created with the objects within the blocks on Layer0 and having a color of "ByLayer" as they should be, then you simply change the layer color and you're done.


If the objects within the blocks are not "ByLayer" but rather have assigned colors, then use the command SETBYLAYER ( think that's now available in LT) to remove the color assignments, and then simply change the color of the layers.


Whatever you do, do it on a copy of the original drawing, as you may not get the results you're looking for on the first try.


If your task it is to change all the objects within the block(s) to Color8, that's probably only about 5 minutes work total for 15 or 20 blocks, but send the guy here first and we'll explain to him why that's a bad idea. :P


More info on how to use VP overrides to control the display of objects/blocks without actually changing them all to the same layer/color. http://cadtips.cadalyst.com/object-properties/change-objects-bylayer


BTW, welcome to Cadtutor

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Thanks sooooooo much!!

It actually changed all the blocks that were giving me hard times!


I also read the post un cadalyst, very useful; uone question only remaining (about this thread obiously)... what is VP?


Again, thanks a lot!

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VP = Viewport


If you work with layouts / viewports, you can control layer visibility and layer colors differently in different views without having to change the original modelspace objects.


My primary use of this feature is probably similar to what you're currently doing. I turn all the background stuff to a light grey color in a VP so the objects being detailed stand out.

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