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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm in a trouble, im making my thesis plans in autocad 2012 version and i need to rescale my plans from 1:1 to 1:100 and 1:300. Thanks for your respond and help.
  2. This is related to command LayerOrder or AecLayerOrder in AutoCAD Architecture 2015. This command lets user specify the order in which layers are displayed in the drawing. I'm trying to modify the order by program, but can't find where this list is stored. It has something to do with a dictionary AECDACH_VARS_UTIL within dictionary AEC_VARS, because when it's deleted, the layers go back to their original order. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Next Wednesday 21st May the guys from **** have scheduled their first webinar where they will teach how to import s SketchUp model to *****, add interactivity and UI elements and connect them with steps. More info available at their page: ************* EDITED by LAZER
  4. I used architecture on my pc. I installed Autocad on another pc with the same Serial code. I can see on the top that my version suddenly is a Educational version. I'm telling you this because i don't know if this is the reason of my problem. The problem: i can't see the properties of an object when i use autocad architecture in the educational version. For example: I make a wall and i place a window in the wall. Now i want to change the width of my window, using the properties bar. SO i click on my window (right mousebutton) and click on PROPERTIES. It opens the properties bar BUT i can't see the window and his properties. At the top of the properties bar it says "No selection".. How can this be when i begin with the right mouseclick on my window?? When i do it in the other direction: Open properties (ctrl+1) first and then select for example my wall, still nothing changes in the properties bar! Can someone please help me??
  5. Joeljoelb

    Which is better- 2D or 3D CAD?

    Hi there, I am doing a dissertation on how 2D and 3D CAD can has influenced the architectural industry for my final year studying at university. I thought I would ask the opinions of people who are proficient in the area! Here is a link to a questionnaire I have made using Survey Monkey. If you have a minute it would be great if you could fill one in. I need as many responses as possible! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FGCS3MT Its 6 questions long so it won't take long In return I will obviously help if I can with threads you post. Thanks for your time
  6. Hi everyone, Im an architecture student and have some experience with modeling in 3d AutoCad and very minimal experience with revit and 3ds max. I need to model this structure and I'm having a tough time trying to figure out how to go about doing that. It is supposed to be an outdoors performance space that is covered by this shell like structure. It's composed of concrete ribs meeting at a point but only in a semicircular shape. The webbing inbetween the ribs have catenary curved arched openings with some of those openings having a lattice structure inside. The top of this hemispheric dome is supposed to be a sort of skylight with mullion work and glass. Here are some sketches of what I had in mind: Now I started to model it in 3D Cad since that's what I know best but this is a very complicated curved structure where curves dont just happen on one axis but 2 or 3. I was able to somewhat create the ribs but i have no clue how to actually create the shell webbing in between and then cut out the catenary curved arches with lattice work or the skylight component for that matter. If anyone could help me out on this i'd really appreciate it! If it is easier to do in 3ds max, then I am able to do that too, but I just need some guidance. I've attatched my attempt of this model with the corresponding floorplan. Performance test 3d.dwg
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to create a 3D door or window that will show 4 panels that will stack to one side -- sort of like the existing 3-panel slider, but with 4 panels. Hopefully, it will be able to be resized to fit a variety of openings. The client wants to show them partially opened in the rendered model, and to show accurately how they will stack in the thick wall in plan view Any ideas? Using Architecture 2010.
  8. Hello, I am an architecture student. Would it be possible to draw curved frame like this in REVIT 2011 and how do I go about in drawing this? (Later on, i would need to apply cladding and other sorts of beam...) I tried to draw in elevation view using Wall or Column command (like i would in Rhino or Maya) but it wouldn't let me... Please help... Thankyou!~~*
  9. Hi everyone. I'm escentially an absolute newbie on AutoCAD, and I've been assigned to edit a cad file about some buildings (changing all the lines, blocks, and stuff to color 8!) The issue is that the model itself is all about blocks. The first block is, well, everything; inside it are like 15+ more blocks, and so on and on. So the question is... how can I change de color of all the objects, like real quick, without having to edit every object on the Block Editor!! Thanks in advance, and sorry any mistake (being this my first post in this forum, and also, not being english my native tongue) Oh... btw, I'm working on AutoCAD 2011 LT
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