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model-paper seleciton box


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Another basic/noob question!


Down in the bottom right hand corner of the main CAD window, next to where the little scale and annotation buttons are, there should be another little box with PAPER and MODEL for when you have viewports on. commonly used for when you are zoomed in on a viewport and working in it and need to swap to model to zoom out, so that you dont zoom out in the viewport ruining your scale and allignment etc.


does anyone know how to get that little box back if it has vanished??


thanks guys!

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Another tip that may help you is to lock the viewport after you set the scale, that way when you zoom in model space of that viewport it zooms the paper space and not the model.

To lock the viewport select it (PaperSpace) and in the property palette, select Display Lock and change it to yes.



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If you're a keyboard shortcut guy then typing 'PS' and enter will bring you out of the Viewport and back into paper space.

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I don't know about 2009 LT but the lock button right next to the the annotation scale is genius! Works in the viewport or in paperspace.

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