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Now WHAT IS THIS!> penn foster help!


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Okay so i was doing my HVAC/sheet metal drafting all smoothly, doing all the hvac and vents. until, suddenly, and with out warning, an instruction from the booklet was so confusing, i momentary cannot find out what to do.

this is my questions in which im stuck. :cry:


3. The eastern portion of the split is 10″ wide and

connects almost immediately to a 10 × 14 transition

piece. The 14″ × 6″ duct continues south to a point

near the sink in Bathroom #2 where it splits into

two portions.

4. The west portion forms a 4″ × 4″ duct that bends

west and connects immediately to the wall outlet

scheduled as S-B2. This outlet is located in the toe

clearance between the washbasins in Bathroom #2.

The 4″ × 4″ duct exits from the west side of the outlet

and continues west to end in Bathroom #1. The

very end of the duct connects to the 4″ × 12″ wall

outlet scheduled as S-B1. Like the other bathroom’s

outlet, this outlet in Bathroom #1 is positioned in

the toe clearance between the washbasins.


so far i have no understanding of what it means. what are toe clearances?:x


this my work so far

plate 1.dwg


so can u give me a brief explanation. anyone that helps gets a virtual cookie.:P

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Toe Clearance ? The kick space at the base of any cabinet, approx 3x3 space at the bottom of the cabinet. When standing at a cabinet your toes would hit the cabinet if the face continued flush to the floor, but at the bottom the cabinet juts in and then down giving you a place for your toes. With heating coming from that space it makes it comfortable while standing in front of the mirror, etc. Chocolate chip for me please.

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