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Three-seater sectional sofa?


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Another topic right quick here, I'm looking for a 2D representation of a three seater sectional sofa/theater type deal. so basically just a 3 person nifty lookin' sofa for a home entertainment area. I've found wonderful 3D ones...but no 2D. An overhead view of a 2D sofa is what id be seeking idealy. Preferably in .dwg but any form would work...im sure i could figure out how to bring it into autocad as long as it was compatible. My only previous issue with that has been scale. I'm working in architectural (feet/inches) and whenever ive brought in drawings from other programs previously, they were about 1 inch tall...and should be a 50 foot long addition. maybe thats my own scaling issue for now though.


so again a sum up...lookin for a 2D overhead view of a three seater, sectional sofa.


Yes i have browsed the web. Yes I've seen a few things I could buy, but would prefer to just have this one downloaded or copy and pasted.


If anything...If you own a three-seater that I'd be looking for...could you measure it for me?! I'll draw it up entirely myself if I have to but thought I'd ask here first in case theres a block out there somewhere that I could use.


Thanks! :D

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If you are looking for a drawing the only two options discussed are shown above. Are you looking for 2D or 3D?


Maybe I have something similar..but 2d or 3d?

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Interior design has certainly undergone a string of beautiful changes over the years, and the new century witnessed the popularity of sectional sofas.The three-seat leather sectional sofa, for instance, comes in different colors, each with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

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