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Does anybody know where I can find PLOT lisp, especially PDF creators based on dwg-to-pdf plotter that can automatically detect page size and orientation and ascribe name to the pdf. For example to use a Mtext entity on a specific layer as filename to the default directory.


Example: I have a 210x297 rectangle on "cadre" layer will automatically prompt Autocad that this is an A4 of portrait orientation and a 297x210 rectangle an A4 of landscape orientation. Hence the lisp scan the model or paperspace envoronment for such rectangle and create batch pdfs and use an Mtext contained within those rectangular frame as filename.


Is this possible? Has anobody done some tryouts? Is so where can I find a similar lisp?


Regards and Thanks,



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I have a set of "tools" if you will that can somewhat do this, but not all of what you are asking for. Basically, I have a LISP, SCRIPT, and BATCH File that Prints a PDF of all the drawings in a given folder. The problems lie at these issues to what you are wanting. Only one given paper size (which may or may not be able to modified, its just the lisp that goes through the plot sequence) and the name of the PDF is the name of .dwg.


Let me know if this would be useful at all, if so Ill send you some information, but if its too far out from what you are asking for... Youll need to search in the land of VBA I believe.

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I have created model space views named 01, 02 and 03 and successfully listed them in the Model Views Tab of Sheet Set Dialog Box (Ctrl+4). The views are listed there by named and I cannot be re-arranged/re-ordered. I cannot print them. This could have been an easy and efficient alternative but it is not the case.

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