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Autocad 2011 for MAC - Customize Shortcut Keys

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Hi, I'm just transitioning from PC (AutoCAD 2007) to MAC (AutoCAD 2011) and now fumbling my way through setting up all my customizations again.

For the life of me, I can not work out how to customize Short Cut keys!


On PC in the CUI box you drag and drop the relevant command up above to the CUI window ontop the little shortcut keys icon then, set your new Access Keys in the box on the right, then bingo! EASY.


But on MAC, does this even exist???


I am completely self taught on CAD, only work in 2D, and only use a fraction of its full capabilities. Admittedly, I never have had to write LISP's, or do any text based coding/customization.


The simple shortcuts I am trying to achieve are:

MOVE - Shift + V

ROTATE - Shift + R

TRIM - Shift + T

FILLET - Shift + F

STRETCH - Shift + G

Match Properties - Shift + 4

Layer Isolate - Shift + 3

Close - Crtl + W


ANY help or a working example of how to achieve this would be HUGELY appreciated!


Thank you,


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I would forget keys just create a brand new toolbar with what commands you want much easier.


Something to get you started


ID_TbModify  [_Toolbar("Alans", _Right, _Show, 0, 0, 1)]
AECC_ShowTS  [_Button("Show Toolspace", RCDATA_16_IMAGE, RCDATA_16_IMAGE)]^C^C^C^P_ShowTS
ID_Matchprop [_Button("Match Properties", RCDATA_16_MATCH, RCDATA_16_MATCH)]^C^C_matchprop
ID_Erase     [_Button("Erase", RCDATA_16_ERASE, RCDATA_32_ERASE)]^C^C_erase
ID_Copy      [_Button("Copy", RCDATA_16_COPYOB, RCDATA_32_COPYOB)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_copy,^C^C_copy)
ID_Mirror    [_Button("Mirror", RCDATA_16_MIRROR, RCDATA_32_MIRROR)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_mirror,^C^C_mirror)
ID_Offset    [_Button("Offset", RCDATA_16_OFFSET, RCDATA_32_OFFSET)]^C^C_offset
ID_Array     [_Button("Array...", RCDATA_16_ARRREC, RCDATA_32_ARRREC)]^C^C_array
ID_Move      [_Button("Move", RCDATA_16_MOVE, RCDATA_32_MOVE)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_move,^C^C_move)
ID_Rotate    [_Button("Rotate", RCDATA_16_ROTATE, RCDATA_32_ROTATE)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_rotate,^C^C_rotate)
ID_Scale     [_Button("Scale", RCDATA_16_SCALE, RCDATA_32_SCALE)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_scale,^C^C_scale)
ID_Stretch   [_Button("Stretch", RCDATA_16_STRETC, RCDATA_32_STRETC)]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,cmdnames),1,4),GRIP),_stretch,^C^C_stretch)
ID_Trim      [_Button("Trim", RCDATA_16_TRIM, RCDATA_32_TRIM)]^C^C_trim
ID_Extend    [_Button("Extend", RCDATA_16_EXTEND, RCDATA_32_EXTEND)]^C^C_extend
ID_BreakSele [_Button("Break at Point", RCDATA_16_BREAKATPT, RCDATA_32_BREAKATPT)]^C^C_break \_f \@
ID_Break     [_Button("Break", RCDATA_16_BRE2PT, RCDATA_32_BRE2PT)]^C^C_break
ID_Join      [_Button("Join", RCDATA_16_JOIN, RCDATA_32_JOIN)]^C^C_join
ID_Chamfer   [_Button("Chamfer", RCDATA_16_CHAMFE, RCDATA_32_CHAMFE)]^C^C_chamfer
ID_Fillet    [_Button("Fillet", RCDATA_16_FILLET, RCDATA_32_FILLET)]^C^C_fillet
ID_Explode   [_Button("Explode", RCDATA_16_EXPLODE, RCDATA_32_EXPLODE)]^C^C_explode
ID_LAYFRZ    [_Button("Layer, Layer Freeze", RCDATA_16_FRZLAY, RCDATA_32_FRZLAY)]^C^C_layfrz
ID_LAYOFF    [_Button("Layer Off", RCDATA_16_OFFLAY, RCDATA_32_OFFLAY)]^C^C_layoff
ID_LAYISO    [_Button("Layer Isolate", RCDATA_16_LAYISO,RCDATA_32_LAYISO)]^C^C_layiso
MM_LAYUNISO  [_Button("Layer Unisolate", RCDATA_16_LAYUNISO, RCDATA_32_LAYUNISO)]^C^C_Layuniso
ID_LAYDEL    [_Button("Layer, Layer Delete", RCDATA_16_LAYER_DELETE,RCDATA_32_LAYER_DELETE)]^C^C_laydel
ID_Line      [_Button("Line", RCDATA_16_LINE,RCDATA_32_LINE)]^C^C_line
MM_1608      [_Button("Circle", RCDATA_16_CIRRAD,RCDATA_32_CIRRAD)]^C^C_circle
MM_1607      [_Button("Arc", RCDATA_16_ARC3PT,RCDATA_32_ARC3PT)]^C^C_arc
ID_Pline     [_Button("Polyline", RCDATA_16_PLINE,RCDATA_32_PLINE)]^C^C_pline
ID_Pedit     [_Button("Polyline Edit", RCDATA_16_PEDIT, RCDATA_32_PEDIT)]^C^C_pedit
ID_DrawordeB [_Button("Draw Order, Send to Back", RCDATA_16_SN2BCK,RCDATA_32_SN2BCK)]^C^C^P_ai_draworder _Back ^P
ID_Appload   [_Button("Load Application...", RCDATA_16_LOAD_APPLICATIONS,RCDATA_16_LOAD_APPLICATIONS)]^C^C_appload

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