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  1. Hi, I've just started using AutoCAD and would need to print out my first piece of work. I'd like to create a new plot styles so that my layer colors don't print as displayed (i.e. I want my blue, red and white layers to print as black and my green layer to print as yellow). According to all tutorials/instructions I should get a long list of colors (color 1, color 2, color 3 etc) under "plot styles" in the plot styles table editor. However, there are no colors there. Just one that says "normal". How can I choose which layer color to print as what color if I have nothing to choose from? I have attached a screen shot of my plot style table editor. Please could anyone help? I'm using a student version of AutoCAD 2015 (version J.51.M.256) Thanks, Sofia
  2. Hello people, I think this is my first post here but I've been reading the forums since 2012. Right now I'm trying to create a 3D terrain from the contour lines I got, using the DRAPE command. I followed a very simple video tutorial that basically you got all the contour lines equidistant from each other on the Z axis, and select all then DRAPE command and it creates a clean solid 3d terrain. I use Autocad for Mac, and the command isn't working at all, it says it's doesn't exist. Is this normal? I really need this terrain on 3D so I can deliver it to the CNC machine. What are my options? File attached*[ATTACH]64364[/ATTACH] Thank you very much, I hope I posted in the right section. Terreno para maquete 3D (2007).dwg
  3. Hey Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I was leery on posting this but I feel like the whole point of this forum is to share knowledge so hopefully I can be more efficent at my job. So, lets get started. I have to label contours that are in model space. I know that Civil 3D allows you to label contours that are in a surface but is there a way to label just regular polylines that are an XREF? The way that I currently do it is run the POLYLINE command snap to the contour, look at the properties to get the elevation, edit my text to the appropriate elevation, run my much appreciated LEE MAC LISP of Align Text to Curve and then I'm done. Done with ONE! Is there a way to expedite this without creating a surface? As always, any and all comments/questions are always appreciated. Regards, Miller
  4. sepultura

    BabaCAD for Mac OS released

    I know that most of you have probably power Windows, but for those on Apple Mac OS, just to inform you that BabaCAD for Mac OS X are released in Mac App Store (low-cost, symbolic price). App includes a few more features compared to windows version. Developed as native Mac OS 64-bit application from scratch (1.8 Mb), multiple drawings interface with LISP scripting enabled in the bundle. Version updates will come in 2016 with more features and eventual bug fixes.
  5. Strange issue; didn't see any other like it in the forum and similar found online didn't have any fixes that worked here. Colleague has AutoCAD 2015 for Mac OSX 10.8.5 (*I know, I know...WHY??) Trying to draw a Pline. We get the + sign when choosing starting point, then nothing as you stretch any direction, nothing when clicking a second point or multiple points or ending command. Tried to change width to 4 - same results. Tried the following settings: PLINETYPE set to 0 and 1 PLINEWID set to 0 and 1 Layer is ON and UNFROZEN. LINE command works. Same drawing does just fine on two Windows PCs using AutoCAD Map 5 and AutoCAD 2000. Hope someone can help. Thanks...
  6. jbflores95

    Design Center

    I have AutoCad 2015 for Mac, and I can't find the Design Center that I used when I was using AutoCad 2012 for Windows in high school. I have blocks, but only like 7 different ones and none of them are the right dimensions at all.
  7. I know this showed up in the RSS Feeds forum, but it may be of some interest to someone who may not see that. AutoCAD for Mac 2015 and AutoCAD for Mac LT 2015 were announced and released yesterday (14 Oct 2014). You can find a brief summary of the new features and additional links here.
  8. I have a mac, first of all, and because of this its hard to find help for any Autocad questions. I am trying to change the background color in paperspace from the eye straining white to a neutral grey. Everywhere I search I am told that the answer is in options>display and then change it to what ever you want. However, mac has preferences instead of options and no display tab. And in all the tabs i do have, there is no obvious alternative. Am I the only one using Autocad on a mac, and if not is there anyone out there that can help?
  9. I have AutoCAD 2014 on a Mac. I DO NOT have Options under tools, so I cannot change my plot style to appear when I print. I have created a plot style with lineweights, but when I go to print, I do not get the dialog box with all my choices, just a regular "print" information, soi my lineweights, plot style, etc are not shows... I remember decades ago I had a similar problem, I had to make the machine believe I had a plotter... how do I do that? Do I need to upload something? Please help... Thank you!
  10. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've tried using the commands Purge, Filedia, but nothing works. Any thoughts?
  11. Hello Everyone, I was hoping to get some help with the current issue. My window that comes up when I need to edit Hatches, Paper Size, etc... is too small. It just recently happened and I have tried opening up AutoCad2013 MAC on multiple screens, multiple resolutions, etc, which usually fixes other problems, but in this instance it has not re-sized itself. The attached photo explains it all. There are ways around it, it is just not efficient. I am thinking about re-installing the program and seeing if that helps, but before that I was hoping the community can help me out. My computer specs: Apple MBP Retina 2013 2.6 Ghz 16gb ram OSX v. 10.9 Mavericks Let me know what the community thinks. Thank you in advance.
  12. I'm new to this forum, and I'm glad I found it. I am also new at lisp, although I have programming experience with other languages. My question is how come a lisp routine won't work on my mac?. First thing that I wonder is the c: right after the defun. Can someone point me to some good article on this? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have been using AutoCAD windows for 15 years but recently purchased AutoCAD Lt 2013 for Mac. I am doing some contract work for a company who have their own plot style (ctb file) that I need to use. I can't work out how to insert it into the Mac version. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. First of all, I wanna say that I'm a beginner in every autocad world. so please make it easy for me I have my autocad 2012 for students since a year ago, it perform really well. there are no problem with it, but last day when I try to plot a drawing, suddenly my autocad freeze when the plot job progress window showed. I then forced quit the application and try it again. and it happen again, the autocad freeze again (my cursor turn into loading-mode). After that, I got frustrated and forced to quit the application again and begin to try to plot another file. Then I make a new drawing with a simple rectangle on it and try to plot it. but still the same. the auto cad get freezed again. I then frustrated again and uninstall my auto cad 2012 students and replace it with Autocad 2013. But the thing is still the same, I always got my autocad freeze when try to plot to PDF. what should I do? I need help! please! there's nothing wrong with my computer, because there's nothing wrong with the autocad since last day. Note: The last dwg file I plotted is an exported file from sketch up 8. My computer OS is macintosh Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63) thank you and please help!
  15. Hi, Does anybody know of a tutor or a one day class available in the L.A. area? I am currently taking a US CAD e-course but the course wasn't designed for MAC or LT and I have some questions that I'd like answered face to face or on the phone. I learned Autocad 2005 but haven't used it for years and I have some pretty basic questions that are tripping me up. I'm going to be doing fairly simple 2D furniture design drawings. Any suggestions? Thanks, Daisy
  16. I am thinking of transitioning from Windows PC workstation to Apple MacBook Pro. But understand not all Autodesk products are yet available for Mac OS. Has anyone any feedback on their experience on using Autodesk products via Apple's Virtual mode and or using Boot Camp mode? Is there any drop or improvement in performance, convenience or hassle? Thank you.
  17. I am currently trying to make a bracelet with text engraved in the outside of it with autocad, and my current problem is that I have to make the text 3D before I can subtract it from the bracelet. I am using autocad for mac, which means I dont have the express tools, most notably textexp. I am fairly sure that, without other programs, making 3d text with autocad for mac is impossible. I have tried making text in adobe illustrator, outlining it, and exporting it to autocad, but when I explode it (with the default explode command) and extrude the text, it looks like this: As you can see, very few of the letters get properly extruded, and some arent even effected at all. I've tested other fonts, and they all have the same problem, albeit with some differences in exactly which letters are changed. Except papyrus, in which none of the text gets extruded If anyone knows how to make outlined text from illustrator extrude properly, be my guest! The same goes if you have a different way to make 3D text. All help will be appreciated.
  18. In both model and paper space, rectangles with corners filleted look fine. However, the filleted curved corners are not joined with straight lines once it's exported/plotted to PDF. I have to zoom in very closely to see this, so it won't be a big problem for actual printing. But I can't figure out why the lines are broken on PDF when they are well joined in both model and paper space. I tried changing PDF quality, plot style, and anything I can think of, but to no avail. I hope someone could help me understand what is going on. Thank you in advance. Autocad 2012 on MAC, 10.7.2 with Acrobat X.
  19. Hi, this is my first time on the forum. I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music and am running AutoCAD 2012 Educational on a Boot-Camped iMac. I draft in 3D for shows and classes and the program gives me a fatal error window and crashes all the time. The error message is "FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading insert letters and numbers Exception at insert letters and numbers." Thankfully, 2012 has an excellent recovery program. The IT department thinks the graphics are being routed through the processor and not the video card (not that the 512 mb video card is super big). Has anyone else encountered this problem. If so, how have you fixed it if at all? If you haven't had this problem, any thoughts? My colleagues and I are willing to do a rain dance if that means it will stop the problem. Thanks.
  20. Not sure if I am the only person in the world that has tried this - But I recently installed Autocad (2007) within the Windows XP environment on my MAC (Lion) running through Parallels. And it sucks. Just waaay too erratic, mouse is all jumping, couldn't even imagine trying to draft a real job. Why would I even bother doing this when there is Autocad for Mac??? One simple reason - for the life of me, and as far as I understand, there is no simple way in Autocad for MAC to customise keyboard shortcuts the way you can within your CUI in Autocad for PC. Its just insane. I live on my keyboard shortcuts, and can't efficiently draft without them. And no, I couldnt load my PC saved CUI on my Mac Autocad either. I am completely self taught, and maybe I am missing something, but surely there is a way to customize the MAC version the way you can in PC???? Ie - I want: SHIFT+V = MOVE SHIFT+R = ROTATE SHIFT+4 = MATCH PROPERTIES etc ehh. Any discussion on this would be much appreciated!!
  21. Will I be able to run AutoCAD 2010 Windows version on a Mac OSX Lion, on Parallels 7 or VM Ware Fusion 4? I'd like to know if issues I've read about on earlier versions have been resolved and this config would work ok. I'd prefer to work on a VM than in Bootcamp.
  22. Hi, I'm just transitioning from PC (AutoCAD 2007) to MAC (AutoCAD 2011) and now fumbling my way through setting up all my customizations again. For the life of me, I can not work out how to customize Short Cut keys! On PC in the CUI box you drag and drop the relevant command up above to the CUI window ontop the little shortcut keys icon then, set your new Access Keys in the box on the right, then bingo! EASY. But on MAC, does this even exist??? I am completely self taught on CAD, only work in 2D, and only use a fraction of its full capabilities. Admittedly, I never have had to write LISP's, or do any text based coding/customization. The simple shortcuts I am trying to achieve are: MOVE - Shift + V ROTATE - Shift + R TRIM - Shift + T FILLET - Shift + F STRETCH - Shift + G Match Properties - Shift + 4 Layer Isolate - Shift + 3 Close - Crtl + W ANY help or a working example of how to achieve this would be HUGELY appreciated! Thank you, Matt
  23. Hi Guys I have recently bought autocad 2012 for mac after years on 2006 on windows. I have lots of custom blocks that I have made over the years and want to transfer them to my mac version. On previous versions it used to be simple customize/transfer tab/ then open. This version does not appear so simple! If someone could help it would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  24. Hi everyone! I downloaded AutoCAD 2011 and can't install it because it said my macbook version is not supported.. I have Macbook 4.1 and AutoCAD 2011 for Mac book system requirements is 5.1 or later.. I searched previous version of AutoCAD but can't find any ..Am I force to buy a new mac laptop due to this kind of exclusion that autodesk is making? I really need help because the professor is going to show us how to work with AutoCAD..otherwise I have to work alone in a different building
  25. UCLandArch

    Grouping/Trimming Blocks

    I am new to AutoCAD from another CAD software (DynaScape). I am a landscape architect and I am wanting to combine multiple blocks (ie: shrubs, trees, etc) and then trim any overlapping lines/plines. Any help on creating and editing these blocks on AutoCAD MAC would be most helpful!
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