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Raster Image moves in Paperspace when zooming/ Plotting


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As the title suggests i am having troubles plotting out of paper space. In my drawing i have an aerial photograph (inserted as a raster image) that has been scaled, rotated and shifted onto the relevant co-ordinate system. I have a locked viewport and when i zoom in or out the photo 'jumps' around in a random fashion, same when i hit plot preview it appears out of place. I was wondering what could be causing this because i thought that paper space was simply 'viewing' whatever was in model space not being physically able to shift objects.


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)





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Could you plot your drawing on a PDF?

If you did so, check if the immage has shifted on the plot.


I had this problem a couple of times in ACAD2009 but when I created a final plot it had not shifted.


Hope it helps! If not, i'm sorry for waisting your time.

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The aerial photo is a TIFF, image file is is 2.44GB so its not small by any means. Thing is i've been using this photo for the past year in the same drawing and it hasn't happened before, now all of a sudden it jumps about.


Brands, it doesn't make a difference i've tried plotting to a pdf but still the image moves and my survey lines are out of place. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Have you tried opening one of your old drawings you used this tiff with to see if it now moves in it ? if it isnt moving maybe it will give you an idea whats gone wrong with this latest drawing, are you able to adapt an earlier drawing to what you are doing now if you are only just over laying lines over the tiff ?

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