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Text in toolbar appears as square symbols


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Hi all,


I've copied and pasted sections from old drawings into new ones, and it seems to have completely messed up some fundamental aspects of my AutoCad.


After I pasted I received some error message which I didn't understand. I think it said something about a "Language" problem, (Needless to say I clicked the nice big "OK" button without any thought). Now, every time I open CAD there are these square symbols where there should be text - and I haven't a clue what's going on.


I am running CAD from my company computer, so can't use the add/remove programmes repair trick. Does anyone know how I can reset all/relevant settings within CAD to get things back to normal?


I'm running the 2010 model.

Many thanks



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Just guessing here but try typing FONTALT at the command line, hit enter, then type SIMPLEX.SHX, hit enter. Try a regen all, or close and reopen the file.


Also go into STYLE, and see what font is set for the current text style, maybe change that to simplex, or arial, etc.

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No Hoss, no other problems.


Thanks for the suggestion rkent, I've tried that and it hasn't helped unfortunately. I think the FONTALT trick applies to the font within the drawings, whereas my issue is with the text within the toolbars etc. (hope that makes sense).


Any more suggestions?

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