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Multileader Block Attributes and Style Overrides


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I need to use detail callouts on a regular basis. They all have to look the same, even though some appear in paper space and some in model space. I've gone to a user block.


The attribute style has a width factor of 1.25. I overrode it in the block and changed it to 1.00. When I draw a multileader with this style, the block has text with width of 1.25. AutoCAD has overridden my override.


On a similar note, when I change the multileader definition from the default _DetCallout to the user-defined DetCallout (note the underline), the existing multileaders don't update, and I can't figure out how to make them update.


Is it a bug, a quirk, or something else? Does it really matter what you call it if they never fix it?

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What is your detail callout? I use a custom dynamic block for mine, but there is one on the Tool Palette Annotation tab. I don't use multileaders since I save down to 2004.

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My block looks a lot like the default block. The font is different, and the linework has a bit of width, but it's still a divided circle with a number and a sheet.

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