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Annotative Symbols w/ Scaling Mind of their own.

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Help me.

I worked in a drawing(#1) a few weeks ago and since then have copy pasted the drawings to be scaled at 1 1/2" into another drawing(#2) and have since been only working in this drawing(#2).


In the original drawing(#1), I was able to scale my drawings at 1 1/2" without any problems but in my second drawing(#2), when I try to scale drawings at 1 1/2" all of my annotative bubbles get ridiculously small.


Once having discovered this, I copy pasted my second drawing'(#2) components into a 'Copy' of my original drawing(#1), thinking that my second drawing(#2) file might have been contaminated, but with no luck because I could see that within the Same viewport scaled at 1 1/2" the original drawing(#1) was scaled properly but the second drawing'(#2) symbols became very small.


I am stuck.



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It may be the INSUNITS system variable. Check to see if the settings are the same between drawing #1 and drawing #2. INSUNITS is a system variable that controls that automatic scaling of blocks (ie: your annotative bubbles in this example) to the units of the drawing.


Also check out the -dwgunits command and in there is a 'scaling' option as well.


Some things to check out anyway, hope this helps a bit.

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