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Need help making a routine to insert a certain set of blocks all at once at 0,0?


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I use autocad 2000 at my job to create drawings for CAM. The machining paths are numbered between 521-850 (this is the block name) each time with numbers being used throughout this range, not nessecarily in order. What I want to do is get only these numbered blocks to insert all at once with one command at 0,0. Question one: Can I get a list of just the block names with autolisp? Question 2: Can I filter the block names with some sort of cond? or will I have to go about that another way?

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Check this out ... Would insert all your block at the coordinates 0,0,0 and would print the name of your inserted blocks to the command line ..


(defun c:TesT (/ Block Blockname lst)
   (setq Block (tblnext "BLOCK" (null Block)))
      (list '(0 . "INSERT")
            (cons 10 '(0. 0. 0.))
            (cons 2 (setq Blockname (cdr (assoc 2 Block))))
            '(41 . 1.)
            '(42 . 1.)
            '(43 . 1.)
            '(50 . 0.)
    (setq lst (cons Blockname lst))
 (print lst)

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Maybe this :


(defun BlocksFound ( / a b )
   (while (setq a (tblnext "BLOCK" (null a)))
               (/= 4 (logand 4 (cdr (assoc 70 a))))
               (if (assoc 1 a) (not (findfile (cdr (assoc 1 a)))) T)
           (setq b (cons (cdr (assoc 2 a)) b))

(defun sortblocklist ()
 (vl-sort (blocksfound) '(lambda ( a b ) (< a b)))

(defun filterblocklist ( / pref stno enno no blname filtbllst )
 (setq pref (getstring T "\nInput prefix for blocks : "))
 (setq stno (getint "\nInput start number for filtering block list : "))
 (setq enno (getint "\nInput end number for filtering block list : "))
 (setq no (- stno 1))
 (while (<= no enno)
   (setq no (1+ no))
   (setq blname (strcat pref (itoa no)))
   (if (member blname (sortblocklist)) (setq filtbllst (cons blname filtbllst)))
 (setq filtbllst (reverse filtbllst))

(defun c:insfilblcks nil
 (foreach bl (filterblocklist)
   (command "_.-insert" bl "0,0,0")
   (while (eq 1 (logand 1 (getvar 'cmdactive))) (command ""))



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