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Hello everyone!

I've installed AutoCAD 2011 and used for about two months normally without any problem (stand-alone license). After that it started to appear a small black window at start (as seen on pic.) and when it appears the program stops responding. The screen doesn't appear everytime I start the program, only 9 times out of 10. Please help me if you have any info about this bug!!!

I've tried reinstalling, same result! Will retyping license help me? And how can I do it!


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I'm quite sure about the legitity of the copy. I'm running skype, google chrome and some other standart stuff in background. However my 3Ds Max 2011 runs well. There is one more thing, when I turn off the i-net and run AutoCAD it runs without bugs, even when I turn on i-net and try again it's all ok!!! I've noticed it today. Well, it's ok now I think, however, it would be great to find out the reason.;)

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