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Mental Ray Render


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I have imported a file from revit of an interior scene and the first try at redering has been some good and some not so good

The problem is two fold the reflections from the window are so strong and bleed everthing out and try as I may I canot ajust them to get a realistic reflection

Secondly the quality of the render itself is not very good there does'nt seem to be any quality setings as there are in revit. How do I up the quality for the final render


Thanks in anticipation


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You imported into what program? 3D Studio Max or Autocad? You posted in the Studio Max section, so I assume that's where you're trying to render, is that correct?


How much experience do you have with Studio Max? Have you gone through any rendering tutorials? There are entire books devoted to rendering with Mental Ray in Max, so I hope you didn't expect this would be as simple as pointing a camera at your model and hitting Render.


What version of Studio Max are you using?


Can you post some screenshots of your current render settings, as well as the rendered image, so I can see what's happening?

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Thanks for your reply

A revit file into 3ds Max Design 2012, I have just started with 3ds max, I appreciate its not just pointing a camera and thats it, the render I attach looks better than the printout. In the mean time I have downloaded the Autodesks Villa rendering tutorial series

What is the title of the book you mention


First Render.jpg


Yours Martin

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