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How do I maintain the materials?


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I've got a lamp post I'm working on but I have an issue. I've had to detach parts of it for the light and the posts that support the rain shield, but when I bring them back together it wants to make the colors/materials I've got the same as the original object. Is there a way to keep the colors/materials separate?

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How did you apply the materials initially? Was it with a multi sub object material or just individual materials?


You will probably need to give each part its own Material ID.

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if your using the boolean tool well you failed from the start, from what i know correct me if im wrong about the pro boolean... anyways working with the polygon object type allows you to attach and dettach parts at will giving you the option to "match material ids to bla bla bla.." this allows you to mantain all materials

you can also just simply bind each object to 1 master object using the select and link tool then you wont have to use pro bolean or convert to poly.



example select and link.. click lap bulb, link to lamp socket.


Select and link tool. click lamp socket, connect to lamp base.

select and link tool.. click lamp shade, connect to lamp base.


if the object has Inverse kinematics then try exploring to see how the objects interact.

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