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HELP: Moving DWG's physically & updating an existing SheetSet


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I'm in the process of moving 100+ dwg files physically, but cannot figure out how to update the drawing locations w/o recreating a Pre-Existing fully populated (names, drawing numbers, etc.) SheetSet. Here's what I want to do:


Move dwg files from one location to another & update the new physical location (Expected/Found/Relative/Full/UNC Path) in a copy of an existing dst.


I've tried moving the files, then updating the Expected Path from within the SSM, but this works on a file to file basis, and takes a long time to perform on a 100+ drawing SheetSet. I've tried using SSMPropEditor, but for some reason, the changes do not stick. The only way that I've found to accomplish this is to use the Archive function (as a folder instead of a ZIP file) from within SSM, but there has to be an easier way to do this...


Thanks in advance, and have an excellent day!


BTW: I'm using ACAD 2010 on a Core i5 XP machine.

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If you move or copy the sheet set file (dst) with the drawings in the new location, it will automatically relocate the drawings. I just tested and verified this with a job of ours with 120 drawings.


Moving the dst + dwgs from our server to another location on the server, or even a local drive, then opened the dst file and checked the file path - points to the location of the drawings I moved with it. Not sure how this works if you do not save your dst file in the same folder as your dwg files though.

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Thanks Kevin, typically the procedure that you outlined is the way I would do this type of Revision control. When the original files are still in the original location, it can cause problems w/ the redirect since it knows to look in that location first. We did have the dst files centraly located, so not being in the same folder as the drawing files could have attributed to the problem. I ended up using the Archive function from within SSM, to archive to a folder located in a different physical location. The upside to the Archive process is that it will copy the XREF's and other associated files to a folder within the folder of the archive destination, plus it also changes the path info within all of the drawings & SSM to the new XREF location. The archive process also made a copy of the dst file in the archive folder where the drawings were located as well. The last time that I did the copy dst + dwg files procedure, I had to use Reference Manager to redirect the XREF's to the new location to prevent any XREF modification crossover between revisions. So far, this is the best way that I've found w/ minimal post work to get all files pointing in the right direction.

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