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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Is there a way that I could use a lisp to update text inside the Sheet Properties of a sheet set? I am asking because I am currently trying to figure out the best way to implement SSM with my company but there just seems to be problem after problem. the most current problem is any time I create a new layout tab inside a file, I cant get the information from the tab I duplicated to carry over in SSM. the fields maintain the same data as the previous tab though. I have a lisp that will convert fields to text and I have a lisp that can reinsert fields, I am just missing the crucial part of updating the SSM properties with the proper text. If there is a better way to update those fields, I am open to suggestions. p.s - I know you can update all the properties in the sheet set so when you add a new sheet it comes with those but updating that constantly doesn't seem very effective.
  2. Hello, I have recently introduced the Sheet Set Manager in my work flow. In my office they are not very keen on new and more efficient tools (they are French ) but I was left alone on a project and I implemented it with relative layout attributes such as titles, dates, revisions, etc. connected to the properties of the list. When I set up the layouts, I choose the plotter from the list on my computer. The problem now is that if I try to publish from the SSM from a different computer than mine, it doesn't work. The plotter name is the same in both computer and I added the customised paper size to which the layouts are set (with the same name) to both machines. When I print directly from the layout (with ctrl+p) it works from both computer without having to change any setting. When I publish from the SSM on the second computer it doesn't work. Hope I made myself clear. I'm using autocad LT2013 on both machines. The plot setting files are local, they are not on the network (I suspect this is the problem). Any solution? Thank you Duccio
  3. Hey friends...first post here but I've been lurking and taking advice from you all for a while. I'm rebuilding the primary project template folder for my company. This folder contains a variety of drawings linked together using Xrefs and such. I'm setting up sheet sets to help in the plotting of these sheets. I'm working with 15 different drawings and setting up 130 sheet sets that will each plot 1 layout from each of these 15 drawings. All of the drawings have the same layout names (A1, B1, C1,...,Z5). So, for example, the A1 layout from all 15 drawings is 1 sheet set. When a new project is started, the template folder is copied and renamed. A known issue is that this new project still links all of the Xrefs back to the original template folder's DWGs. We use a script plus the 'Redir" command to update the Xref paths. Now I'm noticing that the Sheet sets I've setup are having the same behavior, and I can't seem to find a way to quickly fix the file path of 130 sheet sets with 15 sheets per set. Any advice? Also, is anyone aware of a faster way to setup the sheet sets I've described above other then individually adding layouts to their respective sheet set. I was hoping there would be a batch type method given that all the layouts have standard names.
  4. Hello, I'm using Sheet Set Manager in Autocad 2011. I'm using 'page setup override', and as plot area 'print extents'. So far, so good. Until someone forgets something outside the title block, and the extents feature is not good anymore (several people working in the same projects). So, I decide to use as plot area 'Layout' instead, typing the X & Y to determine the area to be plotted. Now, the setup "override" doesn't override. It’s using the drawing plot area from the drawing itself, which completely defeats the purpose. Am I missing something? I'd appreciate some help. please. Thanks in advance
  5. Fellow Cadders, I've encountered a pretty nasty problem over the past week. I can no longer add specific layouts to existing sheet sets. I can make a new sheet set, but I cannot see the drawings that I would like to add to the sheet set. The only "solution" I've found is to make a new sheet set, save each of the desired dwgs as newly renamed dwgs, and then, f if I pat myself on the head and spin around in 3 complete circles, I have a 78% chance of being able to add them to the new sheet set. Obviously, this is like cutting off your hand and holding it, while your friend shakes your deadhand, instead of just shaking his hand. I've read about this so-called dbl file, but much like Bigfoot, I have not seen one with my own eyes. We have never had this problem in our office- got a new server- had this problem (isolated to the new drive) - got it "fixed" - problem has spread to older drives. Is there an antidote? I'm beginning to lose faith. Any help would be great. Thanks Civil 3D 2010, Windows 7
  6. I'm in the process of moving 100+ dwg files physically, but cannot figure out how to update the drawing locations w/o recreating a Pre-Existing fully populated (names, drawing numbers, etc.) SheetSet. Here's what I want to do: Move dwg files from one location to another & update the new physical location (Expected/Found/Relative/Full/UNC Path) in a copy of an existing dst. I've tried moving the files, then updating the Expected Path from within the SSM, but this works on a file to file basis, and takes a long time to perform on a 100+ drawing SheetSet. I've tried using SSMPropEditor, but for some reason, the changes do not stick. The only way that I've found to accomplish this is to use the Archive function (as a folder instead of a ZIP file) from within SSM, but there has to be an easier way to do this... Thanks in advance, and have an excellent day! BTW: I'm using ACAD 2010 on a Core i5 XP machine.
  7. harilalmn

    Sort sheets in SSM

    Is there a way to sort sheets in SSM alphabetically?
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