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Raster cad 2012 won't open .dwg/file.tif from file


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I have been upgraded to Autocad 2012/Rastercad 2012. (what did I do to deserve this kind of hell?)


Objective- to be able to double ckick on a .dwg that is located in the project file and have it open both the .dwg and any associated .tif files that have been attached to said .dwg. (like it use to, before autodesk improved it.)



What is going on- I am working on many projects each day. The easiest way (in the past) has been to have the project files open and when I need to go from one job to another I open that projects file and double click on the .dwg. in previouse versions it would open the .dwg and the .tif (both have the same name just different extentions) and they open together.


This is not happening in the new 2012 software versions. In previouse vertions you had to install an object enabler for the .tif to work. They say 2012 has a built in enabler.


Now it opens the vector (.DWG) and to open the .TIF file you go into raster design pulldown and click on manage, properties, or pretty much anything and the .TIF file will open. You can see it, you can print it but, you can't manipulate it.


The only way to be able to manipulate the .TIF (clean up/remove/merge/etc.) is to first open the version of auto cad that has Raster design loaded and then open the drawing from inside the program. browsing out to diffferent files in different location is combersome.


Raster design dosn't have a .exe file I can us to "Open with" and I can't seem to find a option for it to auto open in either reg auto cad or Raster cad.


Is there an option to enable this ?

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I'll read through this and see if I can make it work. some days I'm brillliant other days not so much. Let's see what today is. I might be back with more questions.

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I've always suggested users NOT double click on the file within Windows Explorer in favor of opening the desired AutoCAD version, then using the standard Open dialog.


FWIW - Here are some simple Application Icon Target Paths to...



Launch AutoTURN 8.0 on AutoCAD 2012:


"[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /p "AutoCAD" /ld "[color=red]AutoTURN_InstallPath[/color]\AT2012cx64.arx"



Launch AutoTURN 8.0 on Civil 3D 2012 Imperial:


"[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /ld "[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\AecBase.dbx"  /p "<<C3D_Imperial>>" /ld "[color=red]AutoTURN_InstallPath[/color]\AT2012cx64.arx"



Launch AutoTURN 8.0 on Civil 3D 2012 Metric:


   "[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /ld "[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\AecBase.dbx"  /p "<<C3D_Metric>>" /ld "[color=red]AutoTURN_InstallPath[/color]\AT2012cx64.arx"



Launch Civil 3D as AutoCAD 2012:


** Note - This is how you get a separate icon in the taskbar for Civil 3D as AutoCAD, from that of Civil 3D


"[color=red]AutoCAD_[/color][color=red]InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /p "AutoCAD"



Launch Raster Design on AutoCAD 2012:


"[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /p "AutoCAD" /ld "[color=red]RasterDesign_InstallPath[/color]\AeciUi54.arx"



Launch Raster Design on Civil 3D 2012 Imperial:


"[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /ld "[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\AecBase.dbx" /p "<<C3D_Imperial>>" /ld "[color=red]RasterDesign[/color][color=red]_InstallPath[/color]\AeciUi54.arx"



Launch Raster Design on Civil 3D 2012 Metric:


  "[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /ld "[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\AecBase.dbx" /p "<<C3D_Metric>>" /ld "[color=red]RasterDesign[/color][color=red]_InstallPath[/color]\AeciUi54.arx"




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CADPOLE out of the ones RenderMan provided you will specifically need this one.


"[color=red]AutoCAD_InstallPath[/color]\acad.exe" /p "AutoCAD" /ld "[color=red]RasterDesign_InstallPath[/color]\AeciUi54.arx"

It will look more like this:


"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2012\acad.exe" /LD "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Raster Design 2012\AeciUi54.arx"

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