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Found 7 results

  1. Often, when drawing geometry, I will use a Raster Image as reference to trace over. By default, AutoCAD blurs the image with some sort of anti-aliasing to smooth out the hard pixels. I want to turn that setting off. When I am panning (with RTDISPLAY set to 0) , the image temporarily reverts to the original image, which is what I want to see all the time. Is there a setting I can change to bypass the anti-aliasing to view the pixelated version while not panning?
  2. I have exhausted all my resources on this subject. The company I purchased AutoCAD 2012 Electrical from had no answers and referred me to Autodesk. Autodesk has told me I have to just live with it because they have no plans to fix the problem, even though they recognize the issue. So I turn to the largest user group I currently have access to. Issue: When I print a drawing, regardless of page size, that contains and image, I have to wait upwards of 10 minutes before the printer sees the drawing and begins to print. The clients I work with use quite a few drawings that contain images and I have days where all I am doing is printing jobs because I have to wait so long. I have tried to change the print drivers. The printers I use are HP Laser M5035. I connect to them through a network however I have tried to connect to them directly with the same results. The only thing I have found to speed up the proccess, which i find to be rediculous, is to print the job to PDF and then print the PDF to the printer. This PDF method is faster but I don't think this should be the answer. I have had the AutoCAD retailer's technicians as well as the Autodesk technicians log into my computer remotely to fix this issue and both recognized the same issue but after a month of trouble shooting I am still at square one. Before I upgraded to AutoCAD 2012E I had AutoCAD 2009E and printing drawings with images was not nearly as bad. If I did not have to have AutoCAD 2012E I would revert back but this is not an option. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this problem?
  3. I'm trying to insert a raster image by just, insert raster image. the image is a jpg. file and is in greyscale. it is a logo. the logo is in black and the background is white. when i insert and print it shows up alright but the parts that are supposed to be white print out as a light grey. Can anyone help with this?
  4. I have been upgraded to Autocad 2012/Rastercad 2012. (what did I do to deserve this kind of hell?) Objective- to be able to double ckick on a .dwg that is located in the project file and have it open both the .dwg and any associated .tif files that have been attached to said .dwg. (like it use to, before autodesk improved it.) What is going on- I am working on many projects each day. The easiest way (in the past) has been to have the project files open and when I need to go from one job to another I open that projects file and double click on the .dwg. in previouse versions it would open the .dwg and the .tif (both have the same name just different extentions) and they open together. This is not happening in the new 2012 software versions. In previouse vertions you had to install an object enabler for the .tif to work. They say 2012 has a built in enabler. Now it opens the vector (.DWG) and to open the .TIF file you go into raster design pulldown and click on manage, properties, or pretty much anything and the .TIF file will open. You can see it, you can print it but, you can't manipulate it. The only way to be able to manipulate the .TIF (clean up/remove/merge/etc.) is to first open the version of auto cad that has Raster design loaded and then open the drawing from inside the program. browsing out to diffferent files in different location is combersome. Raster design dosn't have a .exe file I can us to "Open with" and I can't seem to find a option for it to auto open in either reg auto cad or Raster cad. Is there an option to enable this ?
  5. I am now using acad and raster 2011. In the previouse versions of these two programs I worked with, If you had a old married pair (DWG+.TIFF) that had lost conectivitiy, .tiff wouldn't show up when you opened the .dwg, you could go into raster/manager, then in the manager box, you would highlight the dwg., go down to active path, browse out to the .tiff and "get them back together." In this version when I go to browse out to the .tiff, they dont showand the "Choose a directory" box doesn't have the pull down to allow you to show different applications/.extensions. Any idea what the change is? I need to marry a .cal that is now a .tiff I can import it but the chances of geting the raster to match up to the vector that way is slim and time consumming. Little help?
  6. Hi, I am using autocad 2011LT to plot to universal laser cutters. We have three different lasers: M300, M360, and V460. When we plot rasters to the M300 and V460, we often notice a shift in the raster cuts from the vector cuts. All of the rasters are always shifted in the same direction and by the same distance (anout 2-3 mm). This shifting started happening about 6 months ago. We have not noticed this shift yet in the M360, but believe it has something to do with the autocad settings. We have cleaned out and reinstalled all of the laser cutter drivers and still have this issue. Has anyone ran into this issue or have any advice?
  7. Hello! A little background, first. I have some large number of MrSid (sid files) and coresponding sdw file to tell us informations about where and how the image should be inserted. Such a file is presented below: What I would like to build is a "database" that may be searched by a lisp routine. The workflow is as follows: Command: Src_img Please choose a point: are to be inserted> Now, while everything is trivial in this list, I seem to have a hard time retrieving the size of exotic file types (as sid) as it appears in the Autocad environment (wold size, if you wish). For other files I use a trick found on web (VBA): Set objFolder = obj_Shell.Namespace(FilePth) Set objFile = objFolder.ParseName(FileName) objFile.ExtendedProperty("Dimensions") This gives us the size, in pixels. Having the scales presented before, computing coordinate of bottom right corner is, again, trivial. The question, now: Is there a way that you know about to get the size of a sid image (pixels or world size) using lisp or vba? I would go as far as to recursively search the folders for sid files, load them, retrieve the bottom-right corner, unload, step to next. By the way, I have already downloaded the sdk from LizardTech and I'll see what I can get from there. Any insight is greatly appreciated! Have a great day! Nick PS I give you so much informations just to avoid reading things that I already know about. Sorry!
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