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How to import .txt file with .dwg site plan to generate contours


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Hi All,


As a preface... I'm new here. Now here is my question: a civil engineer sent us a .dwg file for a site survey. However, the .dwg contours are just showing up as a series of overlapping rectangles. He attached two .txt files, one for elevation point locations, the other for tree locations. Both give coordinates... i.e. :452,2718.7202,2509.7896,569.4979,GL etc. I know that the .txt file is giving locations, but I do not know how to generate plines etc. from the given coordinates in the .txt file. I downloaded ascponit.lsp, but i'm not sure if this is meant for this...


I'm using AutoCAD 2008.


Any recommendations?

Thanks, LR

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You need something like civ3d to create contours or one of the freebie programs out there think I wrote this also yesterday.


452,2718.7202,2509.7896,569.4979,GL is point num, X , Y ,Z , code


If you search here you will find some programs for importing points start with 1 done by Lee Mac but they will not contour nor do they "string" the points together.


Go back to the engineer ask him for a strung DWG how did he get the points ?

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Hi there,


Thanks for the reply. I'm trying Lee Mac's .lsp now, but I don't seem to be having much luck. I'll keep plugging though. It's okay if they points aren't strung together... as long as they are plotted so I can string them together myself. I think I may just ask him to send us the drawing as we usually receive them...


Thanks again!

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