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Autocad Super Slow Printing With Images


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I have exhausted all my resources on this subject. The company I purchased AutoCAD 2012 Electrical from had no answers and referred me to Autodesk. Autodesk has told me I have to just live with it because they have no plans to fix the problem, even though they recognize the issue. So I turn to the largest user group I currently have access to.



When I print a drawing, regardless of page size, that contains and image, I have to wait upwards of 10 minutes before the printer sees the drawing and begins to print. The clients I work with use quite a few drawings that contain images and I have days where all I am doing is printing jobs because I have to wait so long.


I have tried to change the print drivers. The printers I use are HP Laser M5035. I connect to them through a network however I have tried to connect to them directly with the same results. The only thing I have found to speed up the proccess, which i find to be rediculous, is to print the job to PDF and then print the PDF to the printer. This PDF method is faster but I don't think this should be the answer.


I have had the AutoCAD retailer's technicians as well as the Autodesk technicians log into my computer remotely to fix this issue and both recognized the same issue but after a month of trouble shooting I am still at square one.


Before I upgraded to AutoCAD 2012E I had AutoCAD 2009E and printing drawings with images was not nearly as bad. If I did not have to have AutoCAD 2012E I would revert back but this is not an option.


Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this problem?

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