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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody Is there any way to make mtext and mleader objects have a background fitting their width AND height? I know about the trick with setting the object width to 0. The problem is that doing this makes the text frame height larger, than the actual text area. Any ideas to fix this?
  2. I just wondering if you can give me some suggestion or any tutorial about showing underground piping (CAD) on the aerial image from google earth. this is for the presentation purposes to show an idea of project. Appreciate any suggestion.
  3. Dear reader, In our company we encounter the following problem. If I zoom in or out when I am in Mtext (in paperspace) there will be an ghost duplicate shown. So far not a big issue because it dissapears most of the time when exiting the command. But sometimes it stays. I can't get rid of it unless I close down ACAD. I can't select it and it won't be printed at all (not even a dot). The same thing happens in a couple of more situations and also with different objects. I tried a lot of things but can't get it solved. Do you hav any Ideas? If I set my layout switching on "regen when switchinglayouts" this solves the problem sometimes as wel but even then with around 350 users it is not alway the solution (on top of it not being so convinient), so it still does not fixes the problem. This does make me wonder if there are cache setting which may be causing the problems. What I also discovered is it's only starts occuring (MTEX example) when I have my first viewport in paperspace. We also tried a machine from our consultant agency which had exactly the same hardware and also the same graphic driver (ACAD certified). The machine did have it's own network installation and so did not use our customization (though it did uses the same version ACAD). Any ideas?
  4. Hi my name is Elia. Just signed up and I'm plenty excited on the many things I will learn here. I am new to 3dMax 2012 and am already starting a couple of projects. My first question is: I created a monitor and am trying to add an image to it. I've tried using View Post and importing the image with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I'm guessing there must be simpler method to adding a jpeg. Many thanks in advance and I hope to get to know many of you. I will be asking a lot of questions as a newbie. Please help me in my efforts. Thanks again.
  5. Hi All not so much of a problem now, but im wondering if anyone else has experienced this and could explain how it might have happened. i was updated two sets of drawing border templates for Inventor 2010, im still trying to entice the rest of the design team to use vault......its a scary concept for some, theyve only been using inventor for 4 years. newho the first border before any changes were made, we tried to put into vault, only to find 5 or 6 bmp image files associated with it. the bmp files didnt actually exist and i ended up having to remake the template (not such a bad thing because it was badly out of date and was easier from scratch than moding) the 2nd template file we used regulary and had been putting it into vault with no problem. The only change i had done was to create a new sketched symbol that was our company logo and address to replace our old one. the sketched symbol didnt have any images associated with it or inserted (the logo was created using hatching) but when we came to check the file into vault, it had these 5 - 6 bmp files linked to it preventing it from going in. is there a way to break the links in 2010? i spoke to someone with 2011 who could do it easily......but then i couldn't use the files Cheers R.D
  6. I have exhausted all my resources on this subject. The company I purchased AutoCAD 2012 Electrical from had no answers and referred me to Autodesk. Autodesk has told me I have to just live with it because they have no plans to fix the problem, even though they recognize the issue. So I turn to the largest user group I currently have access to. Issue: When I print a drawing, regardless of page size, that contains and image, I have to wait upwards of 10 minutes before the printer sees the drawing and begins to print. The clients I work with use quite a few drawings that contain images and I have days where all I am doing is printing jobs because I have to wait so long. I have tried to change the print drivers. The printers I use are HP Laser M5035. I connect to them through a network however I have tried to connect to them directly with the same results. The only thing I have found to speed up the proccess, which i find to be rediculous, is to print the job to PDF and then print the PDF to the printer. This PDF method is faster but I don't think this should be the answer. I have had the AutoCAD retailer's technicians as well as the Autodesk technicians log into my computer remotely to fix this issue and both recognized the same issue but after a month of trouble shooting I am still at square one. Before I upgraded to AutoCAD 2012E I had AutoCAD 2009E and printing drawings with images was not nearly as bad. If I did not have to have AutoCAD 2012E I would revert back but this is not an option. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this problem?
  7. I have a drawing made up of a number of geo-referenced aerial images and i am trying to Xref this into another drawing. The images and drawing appear in the External Reference Dialog box but no images appear on in the drawing. All I seem to get are a couple of green lines. Am I missing something major and this is not possible or is there a setting I am missing to allow the images to appear. I would be grateful of any advice. Thanks in Advance. Sooz
  8. I would like to either move or copy individual ACAD files to another PC (though a server) without loosing all the pathways/ connections to external image files used in rendering, (these being mostly materials, graphics & logos relating to each individual ACAD file, not xrefs). Is it possible in ACAD 2005?
  9. I have attached a .JPG to the drawing using Image manager in 2004. I need to email this file to different jobsites and when they get the drawing it is referencing my desktop. How do I save the image in the drawing and not reference my computer? This is not a great callamity I just hate it when I can't figure simple things out. Thanks in advance
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