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change alignment start without destroying my profile


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I have a project with alots of intersections and alot of stuff thats built around a main alignment that must be edited in the start/ beginning. So i have to move the geometry a bit and im worried about whats happening with my profile.


I want the profile to stay the same after station 60. I used the station control and picked it as reference point and it works fine except for that my new geometry of the alignment doesnt start at 00.00, but at -07.50 ... Is there some way i can change so that the new start is labeled at station 00.00 without movin my profile??


I use civil 3d 2012.... Thanks!

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Have you considered using the OFFSET commands ability to offset to a different LAYER?

I should think that might be an interesing option for what you are describing.

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There is one way to do such a thing.


When you move your alignment (using the grips I assume), the prolfe PI's will stay at the same STATIONING not LOCATION. In other words, a PI at station 0+00.00 will always stay there until you move it yourself.


So you can do what you have done and change the alignment and then change the starting station.




If you want your alignment to start at something else, you can use the MOVE command on the profile and move it however far you changed your alignment.

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This is a long-standing problem with C3D. The worst is when you edit the Alignment in the middle, so there's no way to simply MOVE the Profile to fit. That's why I created this routine (third-party program):




Unfortunately, it only changes the Profile you select, and you can still end up with things tied to Alignment stationing that end up in the wrong place after an edit to your Alignment. Autodesk actually made a design decision error when they decided to tie things to Raw Alignment Station, and not have those stations update with edits to your Alignment.

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hmm.. i guess i have to live with an alignment startin at -16.92 instead of 00.00. Thanks for the routine. Im gonna try it out!

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