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Changing a Scaled Drawing to from 1:100 to 1:1


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I am pretty new to AutoCAD. I have a drawing which I need to copy & paste into a new CAD document. It is a base build drawing that has been scaled 1:100 within the model space. I am trying to copy & paste it into a CAD template document however it is not converting the scale 1:1: the scale I want to work in and the selected scaled within the template. Do I need to convert the base build AutoCAD model space to 1:1 and then copy & paste it across?


I hope I have made myself clear as it the the first time I am using a forum.



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Congraatulations on wanting to draw at 1:1 in model space. :) Most of these scale questions are through somebody wanting to scale their model space and they have got themselves hopelessly lost.


I am not sure of the best way to do this but I would scale the original by 100 to get that at 1:1 (possibly save with a temporary file name) and then copy/paste that into your new drawing.

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Hi Funk and welcome to the forums!


You should be able to after you have copied all of it over to the new drawing to use the command SCALE to scale it up 100 times.


AutoCADs own scaling feature is not something a rookie at AutoCAD need to get her head around right at the start.

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Thank you. How would I actually do that? Do I need to select scale in Modify and then?[/quote



Welcome to the forum. :)

Start by entering SC at the commandline, then follow the instructions at the commandline. The image shows the series of steps needed to do it.

scale command.JPG

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Look at the commandline at the bottom of the screen, that is where AutoCAD will tell you what it wants from you.


Hint: it should say Select Objects:

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Another way to do it is use the insert command and insert the 1:100 dwg into your dwg and set the X-Y scale to 100 and check the "Explode" radio box in the insert dialog.

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