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Change Text in Dynamic Block


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I want to change the text "A" in my dynamic block to "B,C,D,E,..."

When i click on a blue arrow.

and the text "16 A" to "20 A , 25 A, ..."

When i click on another blue arrow.

what is the best way to do this ?

Text Dynamic Block.jpg

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Do you have to be able to change the text by clicking on the "blue arrows" or could you use attributes instead?

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Thanks for the fast answers


Blackfish :

With visibility states it is long and hard tot do that.

i need to place a visibility from parameters than go to visibility states and make 26 new visibility states.

and than click " hide all existing objects in new state "

than need to go to the first visibility state and copy the full content ,

and paste , center the whole content,and rename 25 times the letter A to "B,C,D,..."

and this procedure only for the 16 A, if i want than the "20 A" or "25 A" ,...

i need to redo the whole procedure for each "A"


So my question, is this the only method to do this ,or is there a faster way ?


Nestly :

What is the best way to do that ?

With "blue arrow" or with attributes ?

i don't now how attributes works, I'm a newbie in autocad

but i'd be glad to learn that



P.S : Sorry for my bad english, and sorry if i understanding something wrong

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If you're not familiar with Attributes you can see some samples by opening the Tool Palette (TP at the command line), switch to the Tool Palette Annotation Tab, and drag a few of the dynamic blocks (Callout, Tag etc.) into your drawing. Once in the drawing, double click on them to edit their attributes, or you can edit them in the Properties Palette. After you've experimented with them a little while, you should know whether they're going to work for you.

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Well I suggest using an attribute then putting a block property table in that you input your value needed and call them with a blue arrow when needed. If you want send me your drawing ill set it up.


Cheers & Beers

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Yes !!!

this is what i need !

How have you do that ? can you please explain it,

or say what parameters are you used ?

i need to learn that,because i need to make many symbols with that function.



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Well it's simple you'll see it by yourself when you go in the block with block editor. But, ill make it simple enough by just telling you. I used Lookup and Block Properties Table.


Look up is situated in Parameters*.


Block properties table is located in actions.


But in my block they are already made so just put in the value you need.


If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.


Cheers & Beers

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Many THANKS ! CadFrank for your help .


But can i ask you to explain me preciously how you have make the blue arrow with 16 A ,...

Because i have spend many time to search on google, youtube, Autocad Exchange Help, And other information sites.

but can't understand it, i take a Lookup from Parameters place it on 16 A, than i take a Block Properties Table from Actions.

double click on the Block Properties Table Grid, ad a new user parameter, but than i don't know what i need to fill in or choose to select.

If i select what i thing that i need to select, and i can not type Alphabetic letters, he gives me an error

[Window Title]

Block - Input Error


[Main Instruction]

Your input contains invalid characters, please try again.


than when i test my block, i click on the blue arrow,choose another value ,for example - 20 ,

the 16 A text are not changing, what i doing wrong ?

can you explain me the other(next) steps, because in need to make other symbols with that function, and i want to do that alone .



Automaat With Blue Arrow.dwg

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Trying to figure this out as well, don't understand how to you linked the "Block Properties Table" to the "Attributed Text"


Looking for answer to this??

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If you go back to plain attributes you can do things like A 1, B 1, C 1 etc or even count down was D 1 now C 1 you can select an attribute only using the lisp command nentsel so can pick an attribute and auto modify it.

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I have a dynamic axis line block that needs to be updated from A to Z and from 1 to 25 when an axis line block is inserted. Will the block properties table work

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