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#@$%&^& Cad,

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The irony about all of the moaning over the ribbon, being that anyone who is familiar with both the ribbon interface for AutoCAD, and that of MS Office, will appreciate the amount of work out into making the ribbon with AutoCAD customizable. It's far from perfect, admittedly, but delve into VSTO and you'll begin to get what I mean. The CUI editor in an of itself is basically a wrapper application for VSTO (in addition to everything else it manages in the UI), and allows the user the benefit of managing the ribbon graphically (from within CUI Editor at least), rather than through code in Visual Studio.


I'm not quite sure what you mean there....I've always managed to customise anything I wanted visually in CAD. EG I always found the extend/trim buttons a pain so for years (circa 98) I've editted the trim button to a 'T...assigning commands to custom buttons has never been an issue either


This release, however, it seems to all be done via the CUI not via a right click on a blank toolbar space.


And then we go into the somewhat non intuative CUI area.....

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Lee Roy

I think RenderMan is pointing to how much easier it is to customize the ribbon in AutoCAD versus Microsoft's products. Sure, Autodesk kind of forced our hand to using MS's ribbon idea, but they at least made it more customizable, easier, than MS's.

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Guys... The legacy hatch dialog will not display whilst the Ribbon is open, as the Contextual Hatch Tab is activated. One must close the ribbon (RIBBONCLOSE) in order to use the legacy Command. :thumbsup:




 (if (= 1 (getvar 'ribbonstate))
   (command "._ribbonclose"))
 (initdia) ;; <- Don't forget to force the dialog ;o)
 (command "._hatch"))




I learned something new, when I came across this post, and thought it may be of use here:


Have a look at the variable HPDLGMODE - it determines the use of the hatch dialogue box.

For the preview hatching, I think HPQUICKPREVIEW is what you need to tinker with.



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