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Car Top View JPEG


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This week I had to draw 5 vehicles from a top view to scale. I can't provide the dwg file but here is a jpeg which you can easily import as an image and "trace" it. These arent perfect but they are good representations.


left to right


2002 chevy impala

1996 Olds Aurora

2002 Chevy Malibu

2007 Chevy Tahoe

2000 Ford Explorer 4door


hopefully they help someone because i couldnt find top views of these cars anywhere:)


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i guess i should have posted the most recent drawing, i will have to update it monday, i forgot i modified the aurora front end to be wider, it was a bit too narrow in this version.

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here was the slightly modded aurora top view. Like i said these are technically to scale but just representations. I drew these from some rough measurements and looking at side and iso pictures, no top views. Use at your own discression.


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im developing camera housings and i needed a "to scale" representation of the rear view mirror to the A pilar, B pilar, Cpilar etc. So i went down to all these cars and took rough measurements of things like the windows, hood etc as if i were looking down from the top(thats why i say rough). Then i just looked at pics of different views and drew them as i thought they looked from the top. Its much easier if you can find a top view of the car but i wasnt able to find any.


However in my search i did come across this website. Not the best but there are a few nice views of certain cars



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just an aside, from a sort-of old-timer: you can't use "chevy impala" and "2002" in the same sentence.:huh:



i guess it would really hurt if i threw in Front wheel drive as well:(

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