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3D Working Model in AutoCAD, need Export Help


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Hello, i am sorta new/renewed to all this and am in need of some help.

I downloaded a cad model and it had block attributes i think it is.

Basically it is a crane and it can move side to side and and up and down and in and out.

I try to export it to 3Ds max and i have tried to imprt and pin and a whole mess of stuff and nothing seems to work. when it opens in 3Ds its all black and every piece is seperated now and nothing works.

How can i get it into 3Ds Max and still have a functioning model to animate.


Please any help will do.


and i need this fast, so if anyone could even just bring it into 3Ds Max for me and keep it operable, and then try and teach me how to do, it would be even more helpful. But really any sort of help would be great. Thank you again in advance.



here is the site for the crane


or contact me and i can e-mail you the .dwg file. its 1,700 or so kb and the site here wont let me post it.

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I've moved your question to the 3DS Max section.


You don't need Autocad for this at all. Just open Studio Max and Import the dwg file.


When I import the model it comes in just fine. It appears that all the pieces are there, but since this is a CAD model, not a Studio Max model, you will need to rig it if you want to use it for animation.

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thank you.

and i know i dont need to use it in autocad. its just i downloaded it as a .dwg and the attributes and all that are in autocad,

the model comes in alright all the pieces are there, but the actions/attributes dont. I started working on making it able to do all the things it can in Cad in Max, but i was hoping there was a better way.

so is there no way to bring in a working cad model into max and keep it working the same?

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I opened the model in Autocad and I see that the model has dynamic block actions/attributes. Check your Studio Max help files for information on File Linking dynamic blocks into your Max file. Type "Autocad blocks" into the search index and look at the first entry "Autocad blocks in 3ds Max". Then scroll down to the "Dynamic blocks" section.


Just realize that you won't be able to manipulate the block from within Studio Max. You will have to make changes to the dynamic block in Autocad and then update the file link in Studio Max after each change to the CAD file. So if you want to use the model in Studio Max and have full control over it for animation purposes, you will need to rig it in Max.

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i was hoping you wouldnt say that, lol.

Thank you very much for clearing everything up for me.

I figured that might be what i would have to do.

Wish me luck, lol.

thanks again.

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