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How to make 3D drawing ,ready for print


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I have found a 3D drawing on the internet.

but i want to print him in a realistic view from the top.

this is the place where i have found it : Site

like you see on the site ,an example of the 3d cad drawing

in realistic colors,shadows, ... :




but when i download the 3d autocad file

i open it , and i can only print in this view:


3d cad print.jpg


no realistic view,


now is my question, is it possible to download the drawing from the site ,and print it in a realistic view ?


ps: Sorry for my bad English

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What -shademode do you have set?


If you type List and select one of the parts - what does it say?




Can you attach the dwg file here?


Do you have your plotstyle set to print shaded views?


Page setup.png


You will probably have to change some colors and Imprint the text if you want it to look more realistic like the photo.

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Not trying to be mean or rude but it sounds like you really don't know AutoCAD. I just downloaded the part from your link and opened it. That is the default view for Layout 1. You will need to adjust or set your own view with the Visual Style you want to print with. It also looks like the model does not have any materials applied to it either. This is for the dwg file so I am not sure about the file types that you can download. But if not you will have to apply materials and finishes to the model. It shows you have AutoCAD 2012, did you install the Inventor Fusion app from the cd? If not you can download it and use it for the next year until it expires. You should be able to add materials and color in this but it is not so easy for a beginner.

A few others might chime in with more information.

I also tried the SketchUp file from the site and no materials there as well.

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