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Iso Circles


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Doing a drawing for the bridge wing of a ship at the minute in isometric, there is a bulkhead (wall) that is angled @ 11degrees and i need to put a rectangular window (with 100mm radius corners) and a circular penetration in a similar bulkhead....is it possible to make the iso circles/fillets look right on this? really got me stumped this one!!!

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You are using LT so there's no 3D solution for you.


If you draw your bulkhead in section you get a line inclined at 11°. Then measure the diameter of your circle along this line. You can then get the vertical distance (for a 200 mm circle its 196.3 mm). Or you could use basic trigonometry to calculate it. With this distance and the diameter of the circle you can draw an ellipse. Then using the TRIM command get a quarter of it and thats the fillet you want, just set it in the corner of your rectangular window and trim it clean. A similar method for your circular penetration.

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Thanks tyke, that worked.


SLW210, LT has both of those commands


Stuart, I did that to begin with but it wasnt acurate and I couldnt get it to look quite right.


cheers for the responses fellas!

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