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I have recently started using AutoCAD 2012 and after changing my OPTIONS settings I renamed the default profile (or whatever it is called) so it is the only profile in the list. Now every time I launch AutoCAD, all of my settings remain except for the font I use in the command line area despite the current profile being the one I renamed and the correct font shown as selected in the OPTIONS > Fonts. I have to manually select my profile to get it to display as intended.


How can I fix this?


On a side note, is it true to say that profiles store settings in the OPTIONS menu while workspaces store eveything visible on screen, like toolbars etc?


Is there anything I can do to link everything to one setting or config file?


I've also seen another more advanced options menu mentioned in this forum but I forget where. Can anyone tell me how to access this? I think users Dadgad or dbroada post it a few times...


Sorry for asking so many questions :P and thanks in advance.

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Make a copy of your desktop icon and edit the properties the bit /P "Mynewprofilename" selects what profile to use MAKE A COPY !! you must have the profile though already created which it sounds like you have done.


Ps edit the General bit also to say BIGAL-ACAD v's "Autocad civ3d - metric profile". Actually mine says 2013Civ the other icon ACAD2013

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Hey, thanks for the replies. I've actually been away so sorry for the delay in replying.I'm busy at the moment so will try these soon and let you know how I got on.

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You are looking for SYSVDLG. :)
Great, that's it thanks. Looks quite comprehensive!


I believe that if you RENAMED your Profile you need to correct the startup path and direct it to that new profile name.
How do I do that? I've tried what BIGAL said by adding the /P "Profilename" to the end of the target commandline in my shortcut properties but it doesn't work.


My profile is the only one in the list so I assume that it acts as a default, but still my preferred text font is not showing.

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