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Hello Tombu and RobDraw,

I know it is an old post. We are under isolation mandates by our governor, hence sort of boring day after day. So I read the old posts on CAD forums and Hobby Machinist forums. 

Now, a lot of people, when they have a problem, use google to describe it and some of the same problems appear in forums. Howbeit, not all have good answers to the problem.

I put suggestions and hints to try to offer help to those who end up on these posts with the hope of getting an idea of what to try next. As you can see, no solution was ever posted. We don't know if the problem was solved or the poster got fired or what....but if I have a suggestion, even this late in the game, it might just help someone.

So, that said, I am responding to the current searcher of answers and not the original poster per say...

Thanks for your concern!!

Carry on...


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Yeah, okay. Sorry you missed all of the posts that were actual solutions and not guesses. The OP obviously didn't acknowledge them but they are solutions. 


The reason why people point out the age of a post is because it's forum etiquette to not dig up old threads. Your mission is honorable albeit a bit misguided. Someone with such simple issues is not going to be digging through threads that are many years old. Your more likely to help someone that has posted recently than someone who might stumble upon decades old threads. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you actually helped someone. 


Now you can make an informed decision the next time you want to respond to a thread that's a decade old.

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