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Missing/Non-Functioning ribbon buttons in Civil 3D 2010


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I have recently begun the move from using the 2D drafting & design to the Civil 3D workspace in AutoCAD Civil 3D. I have been working off of Civil 3D 2010 for the past two years but didn't have the time to learn how to use all the functionality built-in to the program. Essentially I was using Civil 3D the same way I was using Land Desktop for so many years. (Tis a shameful waste of resources I know). I have recently signed on with a new company and they use Civil 3D EXTENSIVELY (Civil 3D 2012). I have purchased the Mastering Civil 3D 2012 textbook and am currently in the process of getting current with the technology. Here is where my problem begins... I have my laptop workstation from my previous job which is running Win XP-32b with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 installed. This is the one I have been using as an approximation of LDC 09' the past 2 years. I am now using the new company's desktop with Win 7-64b running Civil 3D 2012. As I am learning the new functionality on the desktop with C3D 2012 I have been trying to do the same on the laptop running C3D 2010, which has been a mostly painless undertaking since the two versions are practically identical. (Now for the problem) Today I was doing some exercises on the C3D 2012 computer using the ribbon buttons to draw lines by bearing, add labels, etc. I then wanted to see how similar the process was on my laptop running C3D 2010. I opened C3D and switched myself over to the Civil 3D workspace. Immediately I noticed that while everything was practically identical across the two versions, there were boxes with missing icons on the ribbon. If I clicked the box with the blank icon it would give me the appropriate menu as on C3D 2012 but when I would click the button no command was initiated. I also noticed that while the transparent commands toolbar was present in C3D 2010 it only was showing a single icon as opposed to the two dozen or so icons on the C3D 2012 version. I am not exactly sure what is going on with C3D 2010 and the missing/non-functioning button icons so any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I have attached a few screenshots from both the C3D 2012 computer and the ailing C3D 2010 computer.


Desktop running C3D 2012 (Flawlessly)



Laptop running C3D 2010 (Missing/Non-Functioning Icons)



I apologize in advance if this topic has been addressed before. I tried to search for similar posts on the forums before I posted this but didn't have much success with the search tool.

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Welcome to the forum. :)


I have never used CIVIL, so I am just throwing this one up from way downtown.

Might it have to do with the contextual ribbon state system variable, as described in the images? Might yours be set to not switch to contextual tabs (0)?

ribbon contextual tab state.jpg

sysvardlg ribbon contextual states.jpg

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