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Part way through my first semester of animation. Project assignment is making a Rube Goldberg machine in order to learn about path constraints. I am trying to get a ball to roll down one ramp/box and then drop and roll down another. I am trying to use a constraint to get it to work.


Would I even use a constraint for that?

And which one if I would? I can't seem to get surface or attachment constraints to work. I can't get surface to work at all actually.


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Natively, (without plugins) The only method I can think of right off hand would be to create a path with a spline or line for the ball to follow. The path would sit just above the geometry you want the ball to follow at the height of the ball's radius .


You would have to animate the ball's rotation and set a keyframe(s) for the ball's transform to move along the path. Done properly the ball will appear to roll down the object.


As far as I know Max doesn't have built in physics without plugins. And I would not be familiar with such plugins to offer suggestions.

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Raudel Solis

You can use a path constraint, make a spline, add path, adjust key frames bam...

or you can use the physics engine in max.

if you use constraints you will need to set a large amount of key frames and timing has to be perfect or else it will just suck.


it's better to use the physics engine if all you got to do is make the ball roll, and fall. Although if the assignment is to learn about constraints then ... :facepalm:

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