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Revit displaying incorrectly on certain discipline

The Santo

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In Revit 2013, set to Mechanical Discipline + Hidden visual style it's partially showing certain parts and looks half finished:




When I change to Coordination you can see that it looks correct. No lines are missing etc:


Coordination Disc.PNG


I need it on Mechanical to show the Duct centrelines (at Hidden visual style). Does anyone know 1) what's causing this and 2) if there's an easy way to fix it?


(I thought I'd be able to review each discipline settings but I don't believe you can do that, unless someone tells me otherwise.)




Thanks a bunch!

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Under the Systems Tab > Mechanical Panel, click the arrow on the bottom right. This brings up your Mechanical Settings. The first category, "Hidden Line" gives you options on how to control this.


I see you use the Invert Background option in Revit? Most people suggest not doing this. Trying to make things similar to AutoCAD is frowned upon since there's no real need for colors to distinguish layers in Revit. Just thought I'd share that is all; obviously to each his/her own in interface preferences.



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Thanks, I'll give it a bash!


Re: the background - got a problem with my sight and find it hard to see any lines with a bold white background. I was very much relieved to find the invert background option in Revit...

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Do you invert MS Word or Windows in general (Windows Explorer BG is white, most website BG's are white, etc)? Or just your CAD applications? The reason I ask is because I used to say the same thing.


It was expressed to me that you want to keep your Views set up for plotting looking like exactly how it'll be on the page. Makes sense. After that I reset the background in Revit back to white and never turned back.


Now, AutoCAD, still is black all the way. :)

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Everything is set to black, my eyes are overly sensitive: have to wear yellow specs driving at night or I'm blinded by the headlights. Bit of a pain but I'm not a robot I guess, yet.

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Haha, "yet". No that's fine, I'm not trying to push my opinions on you at all. It's just that it's very common for newcomers to Revit, especially when coming from a heavy AutoCAD background. I always make sure I at least pass off the tip because it really helped me out.


Anyways, hope you found what you were looking for. 8)

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