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Editable mesh, poly, patch, and spline


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Hello guys, I am really new here.

I need your help to make me understand what is the difference of editable mesh, poly, patch, and spline in 3ds max. I want to know when I have to use one of them and what kind objects can be convert to one of them?


Thank you. :D

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It's quite confusing, but I do understand it a little.

Thank you for the references, I have never find these much information in google search.



Where could I find tutorials for practicing them?

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Okay, thank you very much for the link.

It will take some times to learn.



From what I learned, it seems that editable poly work best for 3d object, and editable spline for 2d object like shapes. Sorry if I was wrong. :)

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Yes, editable poly is best in my opinion. You will probably never use editable mesh or editable patch. I never did. I always worked in editable poly mode.


Editable spline is great for drawing a complex 2D outline and then extruding it, or using the Lathe modifier, to create a 3D object.


Just start practicing and you will get the hang of it in no time.

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