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Automate dimensioning process?

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I work in plumbing design and am constantly burdened by the tedious task of setting out hundreds upon thousands of penetrations every month for the guys on site to locate their plumbing points through the slab.


They use a GPS system to expedite the plotting, but first I provide a CAD file with just 3 layers; GRids ( a line ), Wastepoint ( a donut poly line ) and Fixture Name ( multi text) which the survey program can interpret and set out from ( actually, the surveyor only needs one point, which he grabs from the site grids that I provide ).


So that's all good, but on top of this I must dimension off the grids every point so that measurements can be done on site as back-up/cross checking.


Of course I can't have dims overlapping each other.


Is there any way to automate this part of the process? Taking a dim from the nearest grid (x and y axis) to the centre of the object I use for the penetration.

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Automation might be possible if you were using full AutoCAD whereby you could harness the power of a custom lisp program. Unfortunately LT is limited to using a plain macro or a diesel macro.

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Thanks Remark....your remark:lol: has prompted my boss to trial full version autocad....my chance to prove its worth....just need to pull a lisp or 2 and I'll finally have the FV to keep...I wonder if I can migrate my custom commands,etc from LT to the Full Version trial? Have asked the autodesk reseller support arm for help but no response so far :o

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