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MEP Duct reduced from one side only


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Hey experts,


How can i reduce a duct from (H=600 & W=400) to (H=600 & W=300), noting that i don't want it to be reduced by 50 from each side. What i need is to reduce it by 100 from one side only. In other words, one side of the duct will remain flat, while the other side will be reduced by 100.


Hope i made myself clear,

Your urgent help would be highly appreciated!

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I'm new myself, but I think you need to let people know the nature of what you've already created. If this a 3D drawing, then is each side its own object that can be moved independently? etc.

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hey Marvin,


I'm creating a simple drawing using Autocad MEP 2012. The duct i created is automatically in 3D.

The problem is that i can't seem to control the duct reducer. It's always being reduced equally from both sides.

What i need is to keep the duct going straight from one side, and to be reduced from the other.


Any ideas?

(Let me know please if more clarification is needed)


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I'm on Mechanical 2013 and haven't used MEP. Having said that...


Are you looking for the side to gradually reduce over a distance?


Are the sides separate from each other...and 3D solids?


If I was to assume the side you need reduced over a distance can be manipulated independenly, then I would suggest someting like rotating that side around the end you want to stay put. This would mean the other two sides that contact it would now overhang to some extent, so you'd need to trim them, so-to-speak. So then you could zoom way in and while holding down CTRL, select the very thin edge of one of the two sides tht needs to be trimmed. A red dot will appear. Grab the red dot and move it until it snaps to the reduced end (but with ortho tracking engaged--not "F8" Ortho--so that it won't literally snap to the point you picked but will instead use it as an ortho reference) and that second piece will then also be changed to the reduced size at one end. Then just repeat that step for the third piece.


If MEP has a specific tool for creating duct, then I don' know...and you'll probably need this post moved to the MEP forum.

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You need to use Rectangular Duct Length Eccentric Taper

Click on your transition part, click on the transition part image in the properties box, pick Transition under Type and Eccenric under Subtype

your should be able to find this part there

By the way, there is a MEP section in this Forum, so post your questions regarding MEP there


Untitled 2.jpg

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