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the problem I was facing (and still facing) was that I use my mouse middle button (scroll) as pan when clicked, But it poped out menu for snap overrides, then I resolved this issue by MBUTTONPAN variable by setting its value to 1. Now when I start a new file or a new session it reverts back to snap override menu and I have to again use variable. The changes I am making are not lasting more then a drawing. Can any one tell me what's causing this and how can I resolve this. Once I made a change in variable it should be permanent unit I change it again, but it is not. So does any one have any solutions. I have also tried profile for this case, but same results. Even the changes I have made to FILL or TASKBAR or ZOOMFACTOR and many like this which I am used to are not working more then a drawing. Would appreciate any one's expertise.

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Some variable are saved in registry, some in drawing.

Search in Help documentation for any variable to see where is saved.


Back to your problem... MBUTTONPAN is saved in registry so it shouldn't change between dwgs.

So, if it does change, it must be set in other place, maybe in acaddoc.lsp

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

It sounds to me like your Profile is switching to the default Autocad profile from the one which you want it to use.

Check the properties of the icon which you use to start the program, and make sure that it targets your profile, not the default.

Perhaps you have been using a new lisp recently, which fails to return variables to their expected settings.


How do you open a new drawing?

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