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variable driven arc-aligned text

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Is there any way to pull text from a spreadsheet into arc-aligned text? Like if I were trying to make round inspection tags but didn't want to type in the inspection code each time, or if I needed to change something? Is it possible to put a field into the text to refer to a cell location in Excel?



About me: I just started using AutoCAD 2011 (I was previously using AutoCAD 2005) and am having a hard time finding my old controls while learning all the new features for which I got the program. Please use small words.

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UPDATE: So I found this third-party script called XL at http://www.jefferypsanders.com/autolisp_XL.html. The way I read the description, it won't do quite everything that I want, but it will at least pull text from Excel into AutoCAD, so that's a step in the right direction. Or rather, it might if I could get it to work. The install instructions say to load it into the search path, which I have done, but the command line to execute (which is supposed to be just "XL") runs 'xline,' which tells me that it hasn't been properly added. What I have done is basically extract the script into the support folder and added it in the support file search path. Evidently I need to do something else before I can initialize it.


Also, once I get that working, there is still the issue of getting a field into arc-aligned text, which I have been unable to accomplish as of yet.

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The program does work as described by Mr. Sanders. I just tested it myself. I am running AutoCAD 2013 and MS Office 2003. I used the XL_Test.xls file included in the zip file.


The program does not seem to work on arc-aligned text. It also does not appear to work on MText only DText.

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Would it be a valid workaround to use XL to call the text to some obscure corner of the drawing and then use a field to get it to where I want? I don't have a whole lot of experience with fields, so I'm not certain whether that would work or not.

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