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Assembly won't automatically update


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I used to be able to update a part, save it and then the assembly would automatically update. This is no longer happening. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change?


When I close the assembly and re open it asks if I would like to update then. I feel like I shouldn't have to close an assembly each time I make an update to a part.


Thanks in advance



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Have you made any changes to Tools>Application Options?

You can always do an Update (click icon) or Rebuild All (click icon) rather than close and re-open a file.


Can you attach the assembly here that exhibits this behavior?

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Thanks for the reply. No I have not changed any options at all. I tried the rebuild all and update buttons on the manage tab, however neither of them worked. It did work however when I clicked refresh under the file menu > manage > refresh. This is great and saves me a lot of time, however I would still prefer it if this was automatic.


I also have another issue. I have a plate that I am trying to mate onto 4 bolts. The mate with the first bolt goes fine, however the second one fails. In my experience this usually means the the holes don't match up with the bolts, however I have measured the distance between the holes and the bolts and they appear to be the same distance to me. I have been pulling my hair out over this one. I have mated the other side fine which should be exactly the same.


Please find attached my assembly and child parts (not sure if the child parts needed to be included?)

lead in wings.zip


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